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Dad Forgetting Medication

Dad forgetting Medication Problems

DadForgetting medication  loses IndependenDad ce

dad forgetting medication

Dad forgetting medication can lead to Asssisted Living

Your Dad Forgetting Medication can lead to assisted living facilities

Dad Forgetting medication can put him out of his Home.  It is Seniors Number 1 biggest fear.  Having to move out of their homes is the first obvious sign of the end of life.  MED-Q Smart Pill box with alarms is the best home pill box with alarms to keep dad from making med mistakes.  Mom forgetting pills is a problem that will get worse and worse along side your Dad.   They are suffering  from Age Induced Medication Mistakes.   A simple investment in a smart medication box with alarms can keep Dad and Mom at home Longer

Med-Q Smart Pill clock is the the first step to keep your loved ones at home.   Med-q”s Nurse inspired design makes it so forgetting and over dosing has become a thing of the past.  Spending thousand of dollars on medication but forgetting to take them is nonsense.  Use modern technology to give your Loved Ones the Quality of Life that they deserve.

Smart Pill reminder

Dad forgetting Medication

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MED-Q Smart Pill Box cuts Expenses

The Med-Q Smart Box  is more than the first line of defense for good health and well being.  MED-Q Medication box will save Money.  No other advanced country even comes close to the United States in annual spending on health care, but plenty of those other countries see much better outcomes in their citizens’ actual health overall.

A 2013 study shows a 5/9% increase in costs every year.  The current med costs is almost 19% of the GDP of the US.  MED-Q is designed to reduce the health coverage  costs for Americans and stem the rise in health-care costs.

This Medication Box is not your Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box.  Med-Q Pillboxes use technology to eliminate forgetting pills .  This is even more important when it come s to double or triple dosing.  The consequences of these errors can mean a trip to the ER or even worse.  The Patent Pending Design  makes the Med-Q Pill Clock more than a medication timer.  A pill clock to prevent Dad from making Mistakes.


Dad forgetting medication can lead to Assisted Living Facilities

Dad forgetting medication leads will to assisted living  and all the expenses associated with it.   Give the gift of Independence to your Dad.    MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser is the solution to “Dad forgetting Medication.

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