Grandma Forgetting Pills has become a big problem

Dad Forgetting Medication Again?

With Dad forgetting medication you need the Best Pill Box

Your Dad Forgetting Medication

Dad Forgetting medicationDad Forgetting medication or Mom forgetting pills is a problem that will get worse. If your Dad is typical, he will be suffering Age Induced Medication Mistakes.

Over 125,000 people a year die from medication errors

 Twenty five percent of all assisted living admits is from medication errors.  Hospitals say “1 out of 10” hospital visits is medication error related.   You can take control or medication issues with a Smart Pill Box with alarms.  Med-Q #1 Pill clock is the problem solver.  The Nurse inspired design brings pill taking into the modern age with this new LED LITE-Box Technology with it’s Triple alarms.

Your Dad spends thousand of dollars on prescription Medications as well as supplements

Your Dad spends thousand of dollars on medication but doesn’t have a smart pill reminder to make sure he take those expensive pills.  As C.Evert Coop (US Surgeon General) says, “Medication doesn’t work if you don’t take it.

MED-Q Smart Pill Box to Dad’s Rescue

Dad Forgetting medication
Prevent Dad Forgetting medication

The Med-Q Medication Box is the first line of defense for good health and well being.  This  #1 Medication Box is not your Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box.  Med-Q Pill boxes use technology to eliminate forgetting pills .  This is even more important when it come s to double or triple dosing.  The consequences of these errors can mean a trip to the ER or even worse.  The Patent Pending Design  makes the Med-Q Pill Clock more than a medication timer.  A pill clock to prevent Dad from making Mistakes.

Missing consecutive doses raises additional problems.

Drugs with long half-lives it can take a significant time to re-establish therapeutic concentrations when regular dosing resumes unless loading doses are given (for example digoxin).  Drugs with short half-lives lose  their effect rapidly.

Dad forgetting medication can be solved with the #1 pill box with alarms

Dad forgetting medication leads to assisted living or the ER.   Give the gift of Quality of Life for your Dad’s golden Years.  MED-Q #1 Pill Dispenser is the solution to “Dad forgetting Medication.

Beware of the onset of Dementia

Your aging parent maybe suffering form AIMM’s (age Induced Medication Mistakes).  You may have noticed that loved ones are not able to remember certain things.  This is a normal part of aging.   Dementia or Alzheimer’s is different.   Your  Dad will compensate by changing the subject, or finding some other words to replace the ones he can’t find.   But he might just stop talking in the middle of a story.  Your Dad will often attempt to cover up the problem.MED-Q 14 Day PillBox with Alarms

programmable pill box with alarm

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