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Med-Q Smart Medication Box for dad’s Forgetfulness

Med-Q Smart Medication Box 

Smart Medication Box for Dad

Not taking prescribed medication non-compliance has been deemed by The Wall Street Journal as, “America’s other drug problem”.  Smart pill clocks can prevent errors.  Forgetting to take medications as dictated is no different for the sexes, education levels or income based on the New England Journal Of Medicine.

Hence the need for a Smart Medication Box 

smart medication boxFirst, Caring for someone with a an illness is hard.  Second to make the medication regimen work, organization is the key and a smart medication box is the answer.  Third, These medication timers work well if used properly.  Finally No more Dad forgetting medication.

Some Claim:

  • Doctors didn’t explain how to take the pills properly.
  •  They feel better and believe they don’t need the medicine and quit.
  • They simply forgot.

Your Med-Q Smart Medication Box is a 21st century solution to an age old problem.  Try it for yourself and see.

med-q smart medication box
med-q smart medication box






There are many methods to remind medication takers which pills to take and when to take them.

How do you inform patients who insist on taking medications on their own?  A Smart medication box helps caregivers adapt to the med schedule. The most common types of medication reminder  systems is the basic, plastic pill box.  These can be seen on Amazon .   Alzheimer’s cannot be treated with a medication timer, they will need personal help.

Caregiver for dad
Caregiver for dad

Caregivers sort out medications, usually one week in advance and place it in the marked compartment

At the appropriate time, the patient or the caregiver can tell at a moment’s glance which medicines need to be taken when. Remembering can be an issue. Smart Medication Box can be purchased at local drug store or your larger discount stores. The size will depending on the number of doses needed every day.

Cost isn’t generally a factor since these are the least expensive option on the market today, starting generally at less than $10.  Med-Q  smart pill box uses LED LITE-BOX  Technology to guide the user to the correct medication. There are more expensive models based on features required by the users for their medication regimen.

med-q smart medication box
med-q smart medication box



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