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Smart Pill Reminder Prevents Dad forgetting Medication

Dad Forgetting medication needs help

Dad forgetting Medication reasons.

Is Your Dad forgetting Medication?  This is not uncommon as people age.  With Today’s complicated Medication Schedules and Number of Pills to be taken.  To sum up,  a smart Pill Box is need to make sure no mistakes happen.forgetting medication

Medication Non-Compliance

Medical Non-Compliance is the healthcare industry’s term for not taking your medication as prescribed. First, there are many reasons for forgetting medication.  Second.  simple as forgetting to as complex as mental issues. Third, consequences of your dad forgetting medication is truly shocking. Imagine forgetting depression medication or your mom forgetting pills. The creation of Smart Medication Technology has changed the way seniors take their pills.smart pill box

Consequences of your Dad forgetting Medications:

Losing Independence

  • First of all, As we age, our physical strengths diminish. Second of all, With proper diet, exercise and medication, life spans have grown greatly. To sum up, Bad health keeps seniors isolated and unable to do the things they are use to doing

Assisted Living

Hospital visits

Financial Crisis

  • Retired people live on a fixed income. Huge unforeseen and unnecessary medical expenses can ruin their retirement. Small investment in a Smart Pill Box Technology can save Seniors from financial ruin.https://medqpillbox.com/med-q-smart-electronic-pill-box-alarm/

A Smart Pill Box for Proactive Medication control

Seniors who suffer from an assortment illnesses, take pills to manage their illnesses. These medications are necessary to maintain their Quality of Life and Independence. Not making this part of their daily schedule can lead to disaster. These daily medications can prevent a seizure, stroke, heart attack or even worse.

Seniors needs their medications to maintain their well being.

The surprise, “Over 50% of these same people forget their pills” The medical term is called: AIM”s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes). Modern technology has addressed the AIMM’s problem with item like a smart pill box, smartphone apps and telephone reminder service. Pick the one that is best for you before it is too late.

MedQ Pill Box is available of Institutional sales.  Private branding of the Smart pillbox is available. MedQ helps prevent dad forgetting Medication from getting out of control.  Give Seniors the Quality of Life they Deserve in their Golden years.

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