Med-Q Programmable Electronic Medication Dispenser with Alarm

Dad forgetting Medication & Assisted Living

Dad Forgetting Medication means Assisted Living

Dad forgetting Medication

Dad Forgetting Medication leads to 25% of assisted living facilities admits

Your Dad Forgetting Medication has turned from an occurrence into a problem.  The pill box he was using was not getting the job done.  Such a simple responsibility that can have disastrous effects if not done.  The Med-Q Smart pill box came to Dad’s Rescue. His Old Fashion Medication Box was nothing more than a pill organizer.  Now he has a smart pill dispenser with triple alarms.  This means Dad Forgetting Medication will be a thing of the past.  Some thing applies if Mom forgetting pills has become a problem.

Dad forgetting Medication
Dad forgetting Medication

Dad Forgetting medication can be the difference between life and death.

Yet, people do not treat it with the importance it deserves.  They forget all the time.  Studies have shown that changes in daily behavior have a significant effect on whether your Dad will remember to take his pills.  Change #1 should be America’s #1 Smart Pill Box with LED LITE-BOX Technology to prevent Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting Medication.

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 Dad Forgetting Medication Costs

MedQ Smart Pillbox saves more than Lives.  The Cost of Home Health Care and assisted living has skyrocketed.  Click Here to see the 2013 Average cost of Assisted Living in your State.    Keeping your dad in his own home saves 10’s of thousands of dollars a year.  The simplest, most cost effective way of keeping him at home is good medication compliance.  Your 60 Dollars Med-Q  pill dispenser will immediately impact his quality of life.  Users find that they stay in their own home and enjoy all the benefits that comes with that.Dad forgetting Medication

We are in the Golden era of medicine

Illnesses that were a “death sentence” in the past are now curable.   Incurable disease can be managed and still offer a good Quality of Life.   Examples include diabetes, hypertension, kidney dialysis.  The list goes on and on.

smart Pill box alarm
smart Pill box alarm

However, a recent Sub-Committee report in Washington DC had some shocking data. The Third leading cause of death, behind cancer and Heart disease is medication mistakes.. The sad thing is that these deaths are premature and can be prevented. The estimated financial cost of medication errors is in excess of 250 Billion dollars per year.

Proactive Medication control

Dad Forgetting Medication needs to be solved in a proactive way.  Dad using a smart pill dispenser or smart pill reminder will offer a better Quality of Life and Independence.   Not making this part of their daily schedule can lead to seizures, strokes, heart attacks or even worse.  Dad Forgetting medication is the reason for the Med-Q Smart Pill Box.   A medication timer with triple alarms means no more forgetting pills or overdosing on medications.electronic pill reminder alarm timer

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