Remember to Take Your Thyroid Pill

10 Ways to Remember to Take Your Thyroid Pill

10 Creative Ways to Remember to Take Thyroid Pills

thyroid hormone replacement drugsFirst of all, people forget to take their Thyroid pills all the time.  Second, medication will not work if not taken.  Hence, forgetting and miss dosing is called "non-compliance." But in non-compliance., the issue is "not taking your medicine as prescribed by the health care professional".  For example, taking the proper dose, time, and manner in which it was prescribed (ex. with food).  Hence the need for a smart Thyroid pill reminder.

Non-compliance with prescription medications is actually far more common than anyone would  think.  In fact, many doctors as well as other experts, are telling us that almost 50% of people don't take prescription drugs tas prescribed.  To sum up, people just don't taken them properly.  In addition, many will stop taking them altogether.

To illustrate,  it is  truly very difficult to remember to take your thyroid pills.   This being said, it's is crucial , to take thyroid medications.  Sufferers must use a smart Thyroid pill reminder.

  • First of all, if on thyroid hormone replacement drugs because you're a suffering with a hypothyroid condition.
  • Second of all, if on thyroid hormone replacement drugs because you have had all or part of your thyroid removed or disabled For example, damage from radioactive iodine protocols.
  • Third of all, if on a  thyroid hormone replacement pill.   To illustrate,  if  you have had your thyroid surgically removed.
  • Finally, people who are taking antithyroid drugs to control hyperthyroidism.

hyroid hormone replacement drugs

People must take the prescribed thyroid drugs as directed by the doctor

People forget their medication all the time.  To say nothing of, missing  1 or 2 days of the prescribed thyroid medications will often throw off your treatment regimen.  Hnce, these dramatic dosing level changes can cause significant fluctuations in your TSH levels,
  • The TSH level in your blood shows how much T4 your pituitary gland is asking your thyroid gland to produce. If your TSH levels are abnormally high, it could mean you have an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism. .For example, the typical range for TSH  is 0.4 milliunits per liter (mU/L) to 4.0 
This, in turn, can have a negative impact on your overall health. That is why it is critical that you use a Hence the need for a smart Thyroid pill reminder.  Remember,  not taking your prescribed thyroid medicine every day, at the recommended time or time can be fatal.

How to Remember Your Thyroid Medication

Here are some great  tips to help you remember to take your thyroid medication.

  1. Correspondingly, get a smart Thyroid pill reminder.  Modern medication reminders have alarms and flashing guides to ensure proper dosing
  2. Likewise, be sure to write a medication reminder in your datebook or on the calendar. In short, many will even write it in a special color (yellow Highlighter),  so that is easier to notice.
  3. Create a scheduling program. Some programs allow you to program a " medication reminder alarm" at a set time. Many of the new smartphone have a  calendars and alarm function.  Finally, there are dozens of specialized apps that will remind you to take your thyroid medications.
  4. In any event, make on your computer's screen save a reminder.
  5. If not using a a smart Thyroid pill reminder keep the med container right on top of your alarm clock or by the toothbrush..  The goal, remember to take your medicine first thing in the morning when you brush your teeth.  This being said, be sure  to keep prescription  medications away from children and pets.
  6. Take your prescription pills and supplements at the same time every  Hence, it will become a habit.
  7. Get a special device to remind you to take your pill. Med-Q Medication Management System has America's Best Pill box reminder with Flashing Guides and blasting alarms..  As shown above,, beeping and flashing alarms  can help keep you on a proper medication schedule.
  8. Equally important, get help from family member as well as close friends.  Med-Q research has shown,  just a few weeks of friendly reminders helps patient get into the habit of taking the medicine at the same time every single day.
  9. Use a pharmacy mail-order service like PillPack which puts the pills into small packages.  Furthermore, the packs are marked by date and time when they should be taken.
  10. Hire an outside calling service to give you a daily "wake-up" call.  At the same time, they will remind the subscriber to take the pill. Finally, there is usually a monthly cost.

thyroid hormone replacement drugs
America's Best Pill box for thyroid hormone replacement drugs

A Word From Med-Q Medication Compliance System

It is, as noted, critical to take your  thyroid medications as your healthcare professional has directed.  Fact, the best way  to take them at the same time every time with a smart Thyroid pill reminder. Hence, all other aids can be ignored.  This being said, use the system that works best for you.  To sum up, medications errors lead to loss of Quality of Life, financial ruin or even worse.

For more information and support, you may want to explore more about how to take your thyroid medication, as well as these things you should know about your thyroid hormone.

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Finally,  a Smart MED-Q Best programmable pill reminder alarm for Thyroid Medications

The newest smart Thyroid pill reminder has been proven to Prevent Medication Mistakes.  What to do when Dad's pills are is a mess?. Question, what is the best thyroid pills reminder with alarms for users?   To sum up, the Med-Q Medication Reminder or Smart Medication Box with Alarms is the Top Medication Management tool for caregivers.

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