5 Common Cold Silly Old Wives Tales

 Five Common Cold Myths Old Wife Tales?

We are heading into Cold and Flu season.  

common coldIt’s time for  the Rhinovirus  virus (the virus that causes the common cold) to return.  The virus will appear every where, form  schools to the work place.  For century’s, there have been tales of cures for the common cold.  Some of these cures go back 100’s and 100’s of ears.  Many have turned from fiction, to fact.

Do not be fooled by these age-old Common Cold remedies, because they don’t work.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box has provided a short list of some of the myths surrounding the supposed cures for the common cold.

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Do Not Drink Milk because it will cause mucus build up

Many of us have been advised by well-meaning friends and or relative not to drink milk when one is ill.  The common cold myth is that  milk will cause added phlegm production is simply not true.  Many reports have come to the conclusion , drinking milk will  not cause higher congestion and mucus.  In fact,  when on is coughing up massive quantities of mucus it is not because of drinking milk, it is a symptom of the common cold

Mega Doses of Vitamin C 

Vitaim cThere is some disagreement among health care professionals regarding the impact if Vitamin C on the prevention or relief of the common cold.  Many researchers feel Vitamin C is helpful ,while other feel that the evidence shows no positive correlation.  Most health care professionals feel that  Vitamin C may help at the very start of a cold , by shortening it’s duration.  So when your grandma tells you to stuff oranges,give it a try, it certainly can’t hurt. However, if granny make you pound down orange juice, read on.

Drink Lots of orange juice

Every one thinks, oranges have vitamin C, so you should drink a lot of OJ.  This may be wrong.

Most Mass marketed  brands of OJ are nothing more than  an orange sugar mixture.

 The data shows that sugar may actually hinder the  absorption of the  vitamin deep in the  tubular epithelial cells   What does that mean?  Ones own Tubular epithelial cells are located in the kidney. This is where the vitamin C  is absorbed in to tones own blood stream.   In fact, all the increased in sugar will then hinder the absorption and the vitamin C will be passed in the urine.  Yes, orange juice does have vitamin C, but it may not have the desired impact on the common cold and may even have a negative effect.

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Is it “Feed the cold, starve the fever”?

Which is it , feed a cold or starve a cold.  Either way , this  Old Wives’  has no supporting evidence.  In fact,the amazing human body has an immune response to either situation, . The body comes equipped with different kinds of molecules for signalling the immune system to the bodies current state..    Starving yourself as well as stuffing yourself has no effect other that possibly a placebo effetc

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best smart pill reminder with alarmsTake antibiotics for the common cold

Many people will load up their smart pill box with antibiotics, their Vitamin C and other remedies.   This may not be a good idea to put antibiotics into your pillbox. Antibiotics are used to fight bacterial infections.  The common cold is caused by a Virus.  Since colds as well as the flu are from a viruse,  antibiotics, are useless.  Taking antibiotics when not needed can help lower your immune system to future attacks and create Resistance in the viruses.  Not a good idea to treat the Common Cold.smart pillbox success story


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