October 10, 2016

Coffee can Prevent the Onset of Dementia


Can Coffee Keep your Brain in Tip-Top Condition?

Think about it…a morning cup of coffee , or to, can help to keep your Brain Sharp and you Mental awareness at it’s peak levels.  Wouldn’t that be great?  Well, there is new evidence that coffee can be very good for keeping your brain healthy and functioning properly.


Can a Cup of Joe as part of ones your daily diet could help keep your brain sharp.

Attention all Females, now you can raise your glass and not feel guilty — well, we really mean one’s own coffee mug.  Up to date studies have reported that having an elevated level of caffeine consumption has now been correlated with a reduce chance of getting dementia.

Does a Big Cup of Coffee keep your Brain in Tip-Top Condition?

Women who drink more than 26o milligrams of coffee as a daily average have been found to have a 30-35% reduced chance of getting a dementia type cognitive impairment. This was  recently announced in the publication,  The Journals of Gerontology.

How much is 260 mg’s?  It is equal to:

  • 2-3 8-oz cups of plain coffee.
  • 5-6 8-oz cups of green teas.
  • 7-8 12-z cans of soda.

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The report group consisted of just under 6,500 post menopausal females that were older than 60 who consume some type of caffeine on a regular, daily basis.  The girls were followed for over a decade.  During this time the got an assessment of their personal brain operation each year.

Ten year Long Study Found:

During the study, 375 individuals were diagnosed with  dementia, Alzheimer’s as well as other forms impairment. However, the find showed that women who drank more coffee  or caffeine packed beverage, had dramatically lower chances of developing the debilitating diseases.  The data supports previous studies and findings that caffeine intake lowers individuals statistical chance of getting dementia.   Even though the current research shows evidence that caffeine consumption is a way of preventing cognitive impairment .  Caffeine can be over used in a modified diet

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