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What causes Chronic Pain in Men and Women

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What Is  Chronic Pain?


electronic pillbox with alarmNot Normal Aches and Pains

All people will have the experiences occasional aches and pains.   The body is designed this way. The purpose, pain alerts one to getting injured.  When this happens, pain will start.  The level of pain will often diminish as the injury goes through the healing process.    Pain is not te same as normal levels of pain.  When one is experiencing Chronic pain,  ones’s own body will continue tot keep sending  pain nerve signals direct into the brain. This occurs regardless the level of the injury or even after the injury has healed.  The pain can be for a few days to as long as many years. . Chronic pain will limit  mobility, strength, as well as your endurance levels.


Chronic Pain Overview

  1. Chronic pain is a affliction of having long-lasting intense pains. It may impact anywhere and cause different levels of  painful sensation.
  2. Chronic pain happens when nerve cells signal doesn’t fire prope
  3. rly.  That being said, chronic pain can not seem to have a cause in some people.
  4. There is no remedy for chronic pain, however medicine, medical treatment as well as lifestyle changes have been know to help.

You have  pain  if the pain last more than 3 months.    The pain could manifest in many forms.  Examples of which could be,  sharp pain. dull pain as well as a  a burning pain.  The pain may be steady of come and go, every case if different.. Chronic pain can happen any where in the human bodyMed-Q smart pill organizer

Typical forms of of chronic pain:

American Academy of Pain, approximates that over 1.7 billion individuals suffer from chronic pain. n the US, it effects more than 90 million folks 

The Cause Chronic Pain?

chronic painChronic pain starts with an injury like a twisted ankle or a  pulled muscle.   Researchers  believe that pain develops after the nerve cells have been injured. The nerve damage will cause an increase in the intensity of the pain  as well as make it last longer.  It is true that individuals have developed  pain with out a injury. The reason, no one really knows..  A few know cause:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome: 
  • endometriosis:
  • fibromyalgia: 
  • inflammatory bowel disease

What People Are at Risk for Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain affects individuals regardless of their  ages, however it is found most often in grown men and women.    Some other risk factors are::
  • having an injury
  • having surgery
  • being female
  • being overweight or obese

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How Is Chronic Pain Treated?

The primary job of the treatment is to lower the amount of pain as well as increase one’s mobility.  How severe the pain is as well as the frequency of the pain will be different in every one. There is no  one standard of pain.  One;s personal approach depends on that particular person .  Medicine and lifestyle changes may be needed.

Medicine  for Chronic Pain

Currently, there are many types of pills for treating chronic pain.  To be effective the need to be taken properly. A smart pill box or some type of smart pill holder is a necessity.  For maximum benefits, the meds need to be taken at the exact prescribe times. Pill boxes or pill organizers should be used to ensure proper dosing overlap.  Examples of Pills

  • opioid pain relievers, this will  include morphine, codeine, as well as hydrocodone
  • adjuvant analgesics, such as antidepressants and anticonvulsants

Medicinal Procedures for Chronic Pain

  • electrical stimulation,
  • nerve block
  • acupuncture
  • surgery, 

Lifestyle Remedies for Chronic Pain

  • physical therapy
  • tai chi classes
  • yoga classes
  • art as well as music therapy
  • having pets
  • psychotherapy
  • getting a massage
  • practising meditation
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