Choosing an assisted living facility for Mom

Choosing an assisted living facility for Mom

Choosing an assisted living facility for Mom

choosing an assisted living facilityThe Difference in assisted Living facility for Mom

There are many ways to find the best assisted living facility.  First of all, go to the facility at different times during the day.  Second of all, be sure to see the different activities and meal times.  For example, ask other residents and their families for feedback.  Finally, read some of the online reviews.

What are the things to look for in the staff memebers

  • First, do they make you  feel rushed?
  • Second, are they genuinely friendly?  Again, do they seem to have genuine interest in you?
  • Third, look for the interaction with the current residents?   Do they seem relaxed and in control or stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Finally, what procedures are in place to handle emergencies?
  • How do they handle medication?  Moreover, do they use an electronic pill box dispenser to help?

Ways of making your kitchen senior safeWhat to lookout  for with all the current residents

  • Do they appear to be in a happy state?
  • Is there much people interaction?
  • Do they seem like people your Mom might like to get to know?
  • Do they offer hobbies or social groups on site?

What to look for in the facility:

  • Inspect cleanliness.  Are the different areas seem orderly,clean as well as fresh smelling?
  • How often is housekeeping come to  clean your room?
  • Is the location safe as well as secure?   Furthermore, are the bathrooms easily accessible as well as being equipped with helpful grab bars? How do residents contact staff in an emergency?
  • How is the food? Sample a meal and ask about menu options.
  • How do residents contact staff in for a medication emergency?  Will they load Mom’s electronic pill box dispenser?

Ways of making your kitchen senior safeSome consideration when choosing an assisted living facility

First, a critical factor when assessing an assisted living facility is to make sure it feels friendly.  Second, a strong fell of safety.  Third, make sure it is comfortable to you. Finally,  the facility ought be clean as well as immaculate maintained.  However, be certain to not place too much emphasis on surface appeal.  For example designer furnishings in the lobby.  Furthermore, gourmet meals and landscaped grounds. The facility you’ll be happiest at won’t necessarily be the most fancy or expensive. To sum up,  right place is the facility where you feel most at home.

Does it feel like home to you? This is your own personal choice. Many seniors like a smaller, cozier place. Other like a  larger, bustling facility with more activities.   Is outside landscaping or other greenery, important to you?smart pill dispenser

Does the facility offer you activities ?

Are there hobbies or activities that you can walk to?  Again, is there transportation available to activities.What type of facility have amenities are offered.  Examples,  a gym, recreation center, library as well as a chapel.

Is the food appealing to you? Do you have the option of eating in your room if you would like to? What kinds of food are served? Is it nutritious and appetizing? Are their different food options available?

assisted living facility for Mom
Choosing an assisted living facility for Mom

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How are health problems handled?

How does the facility handle both emergency and non-emergency problems? If you develop a medical condition, will you be able to remain at the facility? At what point would you be required to move elsewhere for medical care? Med-Q electronic pill box dispenser can delay the move to assisted living

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