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Med-Q Pill Reminder for Children and their Medicine

Teach Your Child how to use a pill reminder to take Pills and Vitamins

First of all, taking medication for young children can be challenging at best. second of all, parents need to teach the kids how to swallow pills. Subsequently, many medications are in liquid form for infants.  To sum up, when the child gets older he or she must learn how to swallow pill. 

Making pill taking more fun is the best way to administer the prescription medications.  Hence, a flashing pill reminder for children or some type of electronic pill box will help a lot.

When kids are young, it’s not so much a big deal.

Most of the common medications we give children come in a liquid form. However,  the problem is that not all of them do. subsequently, as kids grow and need adult doses, swallowing pills becomes necessary.

Swallow Pills takes some Practice

Med-Q Pill Reminder for Children
Med- Q is the Best Pill Reminder for Children

For example, many older child tell tell their parent that they can’t swallow pills.  to Illustrate, the journal the journal Pediatrics offer many tips such as a pill reminder for children with flashing and beeping lights.  Again, the journal suggests using modern technology to help you give pills to your kids.  A survey of Parents  reported that more than  50%  had a child who couldn’t swallow pills.  In addition, many of these kids were teens.

Med-Q Pill Reminder for Children Medication Taking Tips

Start in preschool when the children can learn the quickest.  Make it fun with a flashing beeping pill reminder.  Practice with candy. The Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America suggests using small candies like Skittles or M&M’s The reward is the built in-candy.  Try different techniques, to see what works best Hence, crushing pills and mixing them into food works well.  Consequently, crushing pills can sometimes change how the body absorbs them.  Always, check with your doctor. Pill Reminder  @ Google+ Facebook Youtube

As with many things (like riding bikes or ice skating) the longer you wait to learn to swallow pills, the harder it can get. And as with many things, practice makes perfect.

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Med-Q Pill Reminder for Children
Med-Q Pill Reminder for Children

MED-Q smart pill reminder

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