Alcohol Effects on Senior’s pills

Senior’s Pills are effect by Alcohol Senior’s pills are effect by alcoholic beverages.  Seniors are more sensitive to alcohol’s effects. Senior’s metabolism breaks down alcohol slower than young people.   Alcohol stays in Senior’s system much longer.  Senior drink less […]

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MedQ Smart Pillbox for proper Vitamin E

MedQ Smart Pillbox for proper Vitamin E Vitamin E has shown to help with Alzheimer’s High doses of vitamin E appears to help people in all stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  An old  study that was published 10 years ago.  It showed  […]

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MedQ Smart Pill Box for Vitamin D

MedQ Smart Pill box Means Strength Seniors Who Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D are 77% Weaker.   A study measured the amount of vitamin D in 100 college athletes.  They tested the levels of strength in the athletes.  The study […]

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Med-Q Programmable Medication Box for Mom

MedQ Smart Pill Box Saves Money

MedQ Smart Pill Box saves Money  MedQ Smart Pill Box Why do hospitals need a MedQ Smart Pill Box?    Medicare has lowered the amount given back to hospitals with high 30-day readmission rate.  This is the is the patients […]

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