Top tips for medications management with individuals with dementia

Caring for someone with dementia or another type of cognitive impairment

Caring for someone with dementia needs special tools

Caring for someone with dementia or another type of cognitive impairment

Taking care of a loved on who is suffering from a cognitive impairment is no easy task.  First, the stress can be overwhelming.  Second, the additional work load is taxing.  Third, there is no rest period.  Finally, it is important to plan in advance to avoid crisis.  Here are some simple pointers that can have huge benefits.

best pill dispenser for dementiaBest pill dispenser for Caring for someone with dementia

Choosing the right pill dispenser for dementia is no easy job.  The features must match the sufferers needs.  A Pill dispenser like the MED-Q auto pill dispenser is a good choice.  The pill box has Flashing LITE-BOX guides that directs the user to the exact pills that need to be taken.  This takes away any decision.  To sum up, less decisions means less mistakes.

med-q smart pill box
med-q smart pill box

Restrict Access to Doors & Windows and other Danger Zones

Caring for someone with dementia or another type of cognitive impairment is not easy For example, if the loved one that is being cared for has dementia help is needed.  Again, the same applies for  other kinds cognitive impairment.  First of all, one needs to limit outside access.  For example, in case they have a history of wandering off..  Another danger zone is dangerous household items like chemicals.  To illustrate,  household bleach based cleaners.  Another Example, medicines and other items that could be ingested. Child-locks and other child-proofing products have been shown to work effectively for this purpose.7 day pill organizer with removable daily pill boxes

best pill dispenser for dementia
Caring for someone with dementia

Help with Personal Mobility and bathroom Hazards

First of all, it’s critical to make it simple for  seniors to navigate safely through out their home.  For example, take away  tripping hazards.  For example, fold in rugs.  Moreover,  if here are children around, keep the ground  toy-free.  Many will actually set up a senior toy-free area.

In addition, placing a kind of bench at the front door is helpful for seniors to sit while putting on winter boots.  Again, a convenient location to put shopping bags down when they come inside.

A tall counter stool should always be available in the kitchen.  For example, seniors can use this to cook while sitting down.  To sum up,  a great idea for elderly men and women who are not able to stand for a long period of time  Take into account the washroom area. A walk-in shower is the best.  First, the walk in is.easier for elderly to maneuver.  In addition, the hand-rails will also help  with mobility. If  a bigger bathroom,  place a  place to sit during grooming routines such as brushing your teeth.

best electronic medication reminder alarm
Smart pill box

 Make It Easy to Call 911 for an Emergency

No matter how prepared you are, you will not prevent the unexpected. Caring for someone with dementia or another type of cognitive impairment needs preparation.  To illustrate, in the event of an emergency, getting immediate help can  a life and death matter.  Many caregivers have signed up for a  personal emergency response system. w  Seniors will wear device on the neck or wrist.  In the event of an emergency, they push a button to request help. If you don’t this in your area there is an alternative.  Insist that your senior carries a cell phone at all times.  When Caring for someone with dementia or another type of cognitive impairment. you need all the help you can get.

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