5 Ways to Overcome Your Caregiver Stress

Overcoming Caregiver’s Stress

Most people are unaware if the amount of Caregiver stress that is endured

 Caregiver StressIf you are getting stressed out, here are some ways to help keep your stress and anxiety under control.

  • You keep trying to fall asleep for what seems like hours on end, tossing and turning, however it is impossible to fall asleep. You keep thinking as well as worrying about  all the things that need to be accomplished tomorrow and each day after.  The stressing makes it so you can’t fall asleep.
  • You’ are racing to the pharmacy, because your Father’s doctor appointment is at 4 and you have to pick up the kids from school at 3:30.  This is when the anxiety starts up again.
caregiver stress quiz
caregiver stress quiz

Being stressed out all the time is typical feeling for most caregivers.

The constant worry and concerns, doubts and  “what ifs” , keep caregivers in a constant state of stress.  This add stress  may  cause a type of paralyzing  anxiety.  The stress can show up  in sweating, trembling,a racing heart as well as levels of insomnia.  There is no doubt that this interferes with your daily life. The good news,  chronic worrying it is a mental habit that can be controlled.  We all know that a habits  can be taught or changed. Below are coping techniques for anxiety issue.

Medication Reminder

dad forgetting medication
Dad forgetting medication

A simple Programmable Medication Reminder can take away the worry over taking medication   A simple pill box can relieve the anxiety over when to take your pills.  A pill dispenser like the MED-Q will remind the user to take their meds at the programmed time.  This will reduce stress and worrying and decrease the users level of anxiety.

Look out for Physical Changes

The first way to see if you’re getting is to be able to tune into one’s own  your body.  Learn to see the changes in the body and if you are experiencing “butterflies in your stomach.” Take note if your heart is racing that may cause shortness of breath.  Try to stop the symptoms as they are happening.  Take control of the racing heart.  It is only one’s own body’s to warn you about the increase in stress as well as anxiety.   Once understood, you ought to be able to control them.

smart pill organizer with alarms
best automatic pill dispenser

Practice Different ways of Relaxing

Relaxation techniquespill dispenser is very helpful.  If you are able to try some breathing yo can potentially avoid physical as well as mental symptoms of experiencing anxiety.  Simply put a hand on your stomach, just above your belly-button, then place the other one on the center of the chest. Try breath in and out  very slowly, watching you stomach rises and fall.  Then try to hold your breath for 2-6 seconds. Then release your breath very slowly.

Here is another one you ought to try, muscle relaxation.  

First you tense up your muscles, and then relax the muscle groups, 1 at a time. Tense up your shoulders blades, and then relax this group of muscles. You can also partake in yoga as well as different kinds of meditation.  All of these tips , done all day will greatly reduce  your Caregiver Stress.


pill box reminder


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