Internet Cancer Myths, are they True or False

Are Cancer Myths, True Or False


The Internet is filled with Cancer Myths.  Are these myths true.  

How can you make that decision.  With free access to information, both getting and posting, the problem is growing.  Many people are making drastic life style changes based on cancer misinformation.  Here are the top 5 internet cancer myths.

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Seem like Everything can Cause Cancer?

These days it seems Everything can Cause Cancer.   Everything can Cause Cancer is the current trend.  You can be thankful that these modern urban myths about the “Everything can Cause Cancer” ravings are definitely not true.  This being said, these popular myths about the cause of cancer are still part of the mainstream.   Common theory, cancer is a disease that can be cured  with pure determination and mental strength.  The fact of the matter, this is simply not true.  Men and women who follow their personal oncologist’s orders still may not be cured.  Not being cured can mean death.   Even if you follow the protocol perfectly , people often succumb to the illness. 

 The image of a boxer knocking out the Cancer is not something that always happens. 

Many patients will not be cured regardless of desire and hard work.  Many time the patient needs to change their though process to a more realistic.  The goal, improve the quality of  their life.  Caregivers should set up small goals that are easily attainable.  These may help in the cancer victims overall health.

  • “Celebrating even the smallest achievements care often very meaningful.” —Ashley Sumrall, MD, FACP, section chief of neuro-oncology at the Levine Cancer Institute

cancerThis is simply wrong.  It has been estimated that over Half of  cancers can be prevented.  In fact, a healthy lifestyle is your number One Cancer prevented.  Lifestyle choices like proper exercise, healthy diet, as well as the avoidance of toxins as well as carcinogen.    Doctors will suggest frequent exercise. This is important even if it is only for a short period.

To be the most effective, one needs to develop a routine of being active. Your diet is important as well.  Avoid foods high in sugar as well as no eating heavily processed foods.  Be certain to include large amounts of fruits as well as vegetables.  

Myth: Cancer is one disease

The discovery of DNA and the role of genetics in cancer treatment can not be underestimated.  This being said, there are many individuals that have a mutation in there genes that is correlated with the the chance  of getting cancer.  People believe that nothing can be done  to avoid it.  Since there are so many complicated factors in our own metabolism and in our cells, genetics isn’t the only answer.   Some of these pathways are able to switch certain genes on and others can turn them off.  The field of study is called eipgenetics. This is when external environmental issues can alter gene expression.

The fact of the matter is that genetics has an impact on the risk of many forms of cancer.  This being said, the most common forms of cancer have been shown to be unrelated to personal genetics.  More importantly, in the event that the cancer is genetic, this does not equate to getting that certain cancer. The health care field is trying to answer an age old question.  Why do some family members get a cancer while other family members don’t.  Even though they have similar genetics as well as similar environmental exposures, some will not get sick. The important thing to learn:  Every single person ought to try to live their lives in the healthiest way that they can.  This will definitely help avoid all disease.

  •  “Don’t forget to include one’s own mental health”. —Dr. Pounlad,  a neurosurgeon from the  IGEA Brain & Spine Clinic. 


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