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25-30% of all Cancer Deaths from Smoking

25-30% of Cancer Deaths from Smoking can be Prevented

Approximately 1/3 of all of cancer deaths in U.S. males as well as 1/4 of females have been linked to the cigarette smoking habit.  This information was disclosed in an up-date report published by the JAMA .



Quitting Smoking, will reduce the  chances of dying 

Quitting Smoking, is the  easiest way to reduce the  chances of dying  from types of cancer as well as a plethora of other illnesses.

This being said, Forty million people in the Unites States are smokers.  Data from the American Cancer Society  has determined the rate of deaths from cancer among Smokers Thirty Five and above  had a 28 Percent greater chance of developing a fatal cancer.

The percentage of smoking-caused cancers in Males  ranged geographically.  A low of 21% in the state of  UT to a high of  39% in AR.   With the exception of Utah , the rate was never below 29%.   For females, the rate was bellow 21% in all states with the exception of Utah well as California.    The females in the state of Utah, like the men, had the lowest national rate.  Kentucky was the highest , with a rate coming in at approx. 30 Percent.  

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Men are more likely to smoke than women

Males  are statistically  more likely to smoke than females.  This being said,men’s chromosomes could be responsible for higher death rates.  Modern research shown  smoking lowers the amount of  the “Y” chromosome.  This Y chromosome helps prevent cancerous  tumors from growing.   In many of the states, women are  catching up to the men.  Newly published data shows that women have become a higher percentage of smokers than men in  South Dakota, Montana and Arkansas.

SmokingRates are highest in the South

The levels peak in the Southern United States.  This is  where almost Forty Percent of death from cancer deaths are linked to smoking cigarettes.  Many believe this is due to tte fact that ineffective rules and laws regarding smoking cigarettes.  

Research’s used the estimates on the low side, actual numbers may be higher.   The study only looked at a dozen different kinds of of cancers. Cancer deaths from smoking has gone down as the level of smoking has gone down.

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