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Breast cancer

Breast Cancer kills more African Americans

More Black Women Die from Breast Cancer

A recent study that was just published showed some shocking statistics.  African American females were over twice as likely to die from breast cancer as caucasian women.  The study covered 40 of America’s biggest Cities.

 A research team has published their updated findings.

A research team from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation tracked data regarding breast cancer death rates. The study covered individuals in the 40 biggest Cities in the United States.  A Cancer Epidemiology study that began in the year 2014 and last a little over 48 months has new data.  The findings,  Black Females had a 42 Percent  higher risk of dying then Caucasian Women did.

 The Risk is growing

The bad new is that racial death rate is getting bigger in 23 of the 40.  The city of Atlanta was where the biggest difference was.   The shocking findings,  black females chance of dying  from breast cancer were over twice that of white women.  The chance were also much greater in cities such as Austin, Kansas City as well as  San Antonio.

Some good news

It is encouraging to see the trends that have been achieved in cities like  Memphis as well as Boston, however the info just tells us we need to work harder.

Breast Cancer is #2 in Women’s Deaths

breasttBreast cancer is the 2nd biggest reason for cancer death among females.Experts have predicted 40 Thousand deaths in 2016 alone.  Why is it worse for Black women?  The current thought is that many variable cause the issue.  Things like early detection screenings as well as access to  insurance,” said Doctor Samuel  Hurley from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. He is asking for funding for further research to understand why the difference exists.  When a female African American is unable to discover breast cancer in the early stage, it is certain that she will have harder battle for a cure.

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