Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

3 Big Advances in in Breast Cancer in 2016

Advances in Breast Cancer Research

Huge Advances in the treatment of Breast Cancer

Many new discoveries is bring  closer to a cure for Breast cancer.  In the United States 1/8 of females will get breast cancer in their lifetime.    The good news, chemo therapy toxic effects may be on the way out. Breast cancer treatment has become a  personal as well as targeted paradigm that may prevent Hundreds of thousand of deaths each year could save millions of lives   Doctors have a new way to think about what may  cause the deadly cancer.

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Here are 3 medical  advances

Targeted combo therapy try’s  to eliminate the signs of cancer

Modern  breast cancer treatments have changed to provide a combination of specifically targeted meds that have cleared up  100% of signs of breast cancer in 10 Percent of the Study group in an unbelievable Eleven days.  The United kingdom research used 260 females with very aggressive breast cancer (HER2-positive).    The amazing treatment caused the tumor to be 100% eradicated in under 14 days is astounding.

 Tumors have developed resistance to the drugs.  Many times this happens so quickly that they may not have an effect on the cancer.   That is why tumors are taken out with surgery as a  staring point.  Afterwards, they will follow up with Chemotherapy.  The chemo is for any stray cancer cells that might have been missed by the surgery or that have spread elsewhere in one’s body.

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Breast Cancer advancements

Previously, women rarely had chemotherapy at the start

While that regimen sometimes shrinks the  tumor, typically the order is reversed. This is usually because of the fact that the oncologist has a greater concern about where the cancer could be going rather than the exsisting tumor. But Glaxo and Roche’s drugs — Herceptin and Tykerb — are not infused chemo therapies, but simple oral pills.

Furtheremore, the new medications are highly targeted treatments.  What this means is that they attack only certain cells, cancer cells specifically. That’s a huge plus because patients do not have to deal with the severe side effects of chemotherapy, which kills all rapidly dividing cells in the body like hair follicles and healthy bone marrow cells.

breast cancerThere is a large arsenal of these modern treatments available.

These include new monoclonal antibodies like Herceptin and Tykerb. Also there are new checkpoint products An example of which would be PD-1.  These are actually able to unleash the power of the patient’s own personal immune system. As was seen in the Glaxo/Roche drug trial, pairing these drugs together in a one-two punch is raising the success level of treatment and may eventually point the way to a cure. Targeting a combination of the therapy can, and some times does, completely obliterate the cancer.

93 breast cancer casing genes have been identified

United Kingdom researchers  published  data regarding the effects of personal genetics that could be the cause of breast cancer.   They discovered over 90 genes whose mutations will cause a  normal cell to turn into a cancerous cell.  The Researchers have made an offer to send to all the pharmaceutical companies as well as biotech companies.  It’s hard to understate how important this is. It’s hard to underestimate how important this is. The more we know about the genetics of cancer, the more we will know about what treatments will work for an individual women, paving the way to much higher survival rates.

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