3 simple changes prevent 29% of breast cancer cases


3 Changes prevents 25 % of breast cancer cases


The are few words that have more impact then, “You have been diagnosed with breast cancer

breast cancerOctober 18, 2016)  A person will to feel powerless in controlling a cancer, in their own bodies.  The good news is that a few easy  life-style changes can drastically lower the risk of developing Breast Cancer.  These 3 tips may be able to  stop 1/3 of breast cancer cases that occur in the United States..  This data was released by, the American Institute for Cancer Research..



Control your Weight to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Doctors can not stress how important it is to keep your weight under control.  This is one of the most vital changes one can make in their life style.  Not being overweight, and especially obese, one will lower the chances for developing  post-menopausal breast cancer.  

This applies to many other types of cancer, as well.  When the human body stores excess body fatty tissue, it may cause chemicals to be produced that actually cause ongoing inflammation.  Couple this with the increased blood production of insulin and hormones , and you may be putting your body in the position to develop a cancer.  Ones  Body mass Index as well as the size of their waist is usually a valid predictor of risks and chances.  

If you have a lot of fat around your mid-section, this is a big warning sign.  It is hard to lose weight.  The first goal should be, not putting on more weight.  The second goal is to eat a fruits and vegetables based diet.  Try to keep one’s calorie intake down and and stay away from high-calorie foodstuffs.

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Exercise each and every day

Exercise as well as normal Physical activity lowers the chance of developing  both kinds of breast cancer.  Simply moving one’s body will aid in weight management,  jump start one’s immune system as well as aid in keeping ones digestive system functioning properly.   Did you know that, exercising will release plenty of healthy compounds directly into one’s body that keep us healthy in many  ways,.  Try to do Thirty mins of moderate physical activity each and every single  day.  Remember, more exercise is always better than less.  Try taking a quick paced stroll that will raise ones heart rate as well as work up  a sweat.

Staying away from alcohol will lower Breast Cancer risk

breast cancerStay away from Alcoholic Beverages or consume them at a moderate level.   There is no doubt that Alcohol is a  carcinogen,  it may cause damage  to ones DNA as well as raise the level of  hormone production in the  body. Hormones such as  estrogen, have been known to fuel cancer growth.  To prevent cancer, is is wise no re-frame from drinking altogether. Females that still want to drink ought to drink no more than 1 drink per day.  This is  equivalent to Five Oz of wine or a can of beer.

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