August 16, 2016

Body Changes causes stress


Biggest Body Changes in Seniors


The #1 Body Change is Weight Gain

Body changesSeniors fight a battle to maintain their weight.  It is usually a losing battle.. The obesity epidemic  is a national scourge.  Being over weight leads to many medical issues.

.  This is the US national average, according to the Center for Disease Control,  The normal man expend 2,640 calories, The normal ladies devour 1,800 calories.  Seniors caloric intake has been reduced to:

  • 2,000 Calories Per day for Men
  • 1,600 Calories per day for Women

You crunch the numbers. For Quality of Life it is imperative to watch your eating routine. Weight addition is n unavoidable amid the maturing procedure. That doesn’t mean you should sit back and gain weight.

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You Will Shrink

The impact of a gravity will compress and pack the bones in your spine. It is not uncommon to shrink in stature up to three inches. This one of the typical body changes that there is no hope to prevent or control.

Hormonal Changes

As you age, the levels of sex hormone in the blood stream drops a lot . Hormones resemble the CPU of your smart phone. In the event that the phone is not working appropriately, you are going to have an unusable phone.  Same thing with hormones.   Men will begin developing a paunchy stomach. Ladies will store their additional fat in their behinds.  This recently stored fat, can have terrible consequences for the heart and other organs.  The stress of the extra weight on joints and bones can be dangerous.

Take Your Blood Pressure pills!!

A Harvard Study reported

Ladies with midriff sizes 35 inches or higher, had about twofold danger of Heart Attack or Stroke, contrasted with ladies who had sizes under 28 inches.

Absence of Physical Activity

We back off as we age. With the completion the physical necessity of a day by day work week , the measure of action drops considerably. This stationary way of life is absolutely, not beneficial. This prompts less bulk. Less bulk prompts a lower measure of calories required. Thirty minutes of activity a day is an incredible beginning objective to strive toward. It will give you physically health and keep your medication costs under control.  You are going to experience Body Changes from everything from weight to Height.  As long as you remain healthy with diet, exercise and medication the body changes will pale in comparison to living the good life!



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