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MED-Q Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s

Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s

Expert Review – Med-Q


programmable pill reminder for alzheimer's
programmable pill reminder for alzheimer’s

Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s

Just Plain Better, Inc. tests many products that are typically recommended to help and aid caregivers. Excellent tool for individuals with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia.  Each Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s that  was Reviewed was actually tested in someone’s own personal home. 

Whenever possible, we tested the product for months, focusing on:

programmable pill reminder for alzheimer'sHence when the testing of the Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s  was complete. After the testing, we’re have made a list of the features and benefits as well as potential problems. We have also included potential safety precautions. The Pill Box was not tested by persons with dementia. Our future goal is to do case studies to discover the best methods for taking medication. To sum up,  what works and what doesn’t work in a bigger, diversified  grouping. 

The Med-Q Smart Pill Box With Alarms is a new

Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s.  . Designed for  caregiver’s situations and the home environments.” Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser will give the user an audio alert and a Flashing Guide.  It will reminder up to  14 times before it needs to be filled back up with your prescriptions and supplements.  The setup is simple for this type of  Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s.programmable pill reminder for alzheimer's

.  Thre amazing MED-Q is like using a  digital watch.Med-Q comes equipped with has 14 individual pill box  compartments for the medication.  Brilliant Pill Box is easy to fill and can be done by the user or by the caregiver.

First,  there are Two medication doses per day, the device can be loaded for a full week  Second,, At each medication time  the Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s will activate LITE-BOX Technology.  Third, what that means is that the individual pill box compartment holding that time’s dose will begin to flash. Forth, A ringing alarm will sound as well. Finally,  The alarms will get louder and louder for 5 minutes.  The alarms will repeat their 5 minutes cycle every 25 minutes unto the pills have been taken;  In addition,  the next alert button has been pressed.  To sum up, Med-Q is great for care giving situations and home environments.

Assuming One use per day, can be loaded with meds for Two Weeks

  • Automates medication Reminding.
  • Simple to set-up and Program the  Smart Pill Box with alarm reminders.
  • Very Easy to use.
  • Alarms double in volume over the 5 Minute Cycle.
  • Alarms will repeat is automatically.
programmable pill reminder
best automatic pill dispenser

At some point, the Dementia suffer is not able to understand what to do when the alarm sounds.    Make sure that  you frequently check on the person to make sure they still understands how to use the pill dispenser. Check their pills to make sure that they are actually taking their pills at the appointed times.

programmable pill reminder Best Programmable Pill reminder for Alzheimer’s update

Update: This company’s newest model. Hence,  Med-Q Smart pill box with alarm reminder tells the person if they have not taken their-prescription medications. In addition, as well as supplements as scheduled.

Medication Reminder  Selection Criteria

Just Plain Better, Inc.’s goal is to educate the consumer.  If they learn of new with unique  features that may enhance Loved One’s Quality of Life.  We realize this is not an all-inclusive list.  Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm reminders was chosen for one or more of the following reasons:

We , as always, recommend you to discuss any smart pill box with alarm reminders with your Doctor or other Health Care providers.  Take control of Heath before health takes control of you.pill reminder for alzheimer's

Med-Q Smart Pill box for Alzheimer’s brings the fight to Alzheimer’s

Med-Q Smart Pill box for Alzheimer’s .  First thing to remember, Med-Q Smart Pill Box for Alzheimer’s or Smart Pill Dispenser is your first line of defense for assuring proper medicating during Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  What to expect with Alzheimer’s?  In effect Alzheimer’s disease is a slow brain illness.

In other words, the diseases progression ends with the Death of the afflicted Individual.   Alzheimer’s is some form affects over 115 Million people. Most of those are over 65 years’ old.  Under these circumstance,  Med-Q Smart Pillbox is crucial to medication management in the Alzheimer’s journey

AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes) is common among seniors.

Accordingly the condition will get worse as they age. This condition is NOT to be confused with Alzheimer’s. They are totally different and should be treated as such. As can be seen, forgetting can be solved with a smart pill box or some type of smart pill dispenser. Unfortunately, a smart pill box will need help with Alzheimer’s.

 Alzheimer’s begins with simple forgetting and advances steadily.

All in all over a period 9-10 years the disease will progress to a point when the individual needs care 100% of the time. In short, they will no longer be able to function and cannot live alone.  This disease robs people of the lives and memories.  A smart PillBox is delaying the inevitable.

The following Poem is the best way to TRY to understand what the sufferer is going through

  • Don’t try to make me remember, Don’t try to make me Understand
  • Accordingly, let me rest and know that you are with me. Kiss me on the Cheek
  • I am confused beyond your concept.  I am sad, sick and lost
  • Overall, don’t lose patience with me.  Don’t scream, scold or cry
  • For this reason, I need you now that Most of Me is gone


med-q smart pill box
smart pill box

Medical treatment Options

In light of the fact that there is no current cure for Alzheimer’s. Furthermore it is difficult to remember when taking lots of pills.  As a matter of fact,remembering them on a daily basis a pill reminder is vital.  Caregivers can use a smart pill dispenser to make sure the medication is taken at the correct time in the correct dosage.  With caregivers assisting elderly persons, they need all the help they can get.  The use of a Smart Pillbox or Medication box will help avoid Caregivers Burn-Out.

Med-Q Smart Pillbox is the 21st century solution to medication mistakes.

  A smart pillbox that will virtually eliminate forgetting and over dosing for your loved ones.  Med-Q Pill Box to the Rescuesmart pill box with alarms


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