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MED-Q is the Best Pillbox for my Dad

Med-Q is The Best Pillbox for my Dad

Why is Med-Q the Best Pillbox for my Dad

Best Pillbox for my DadPhoenix, AZ)  First, Richard R is the family care giver for his Dad   Second, He is on an AM blood pressure pill and a night time prescription diabetes medication.  Third,  he has been taking them for over 2 decades.  Fourth,  with virtually no issues or problems.  Finally, We just celebrated his 79th birthday. 

When I was at his home,  I checked what was in his Pillbox. hence,  I wanted to make sure that the best pillbox for dad was being used.  In fact, he had missed 3 days in a row.  Furthermore, When  confronted he denied that there was a problem and made excuses. To sum up,  I need the very best pillbox for my dad to not forget his prescription medications.

Best Pillbox
med-q Best Pillbox

Best Pill Box for Dad

Richard is a typical Family caregiver.  He was given the responsibility of twice a day phone reminders to his dad.  He had to remind him to take his meds.  The fact of the matter, the problem has gotten much worse than it had been before.  Now there are family discussions on the best pill box  for Dad or some type of smart pill reminder.  

The DUMB pill organizer that was being used was use an old fashion pill holder.  Dad is in need some kind of pill dispenser with alarms to remind him to take the prescriptions.  It need to show med-q medication reminder for deafhim exactly which ones to take.  What is the Very Best pill Box?   It is a choice based on personal needs.

 Med-Q Medication Compliance System

What Makes Med-Q America’s Best Smart Pill Dispenser that uses both LED LITE-BOX Technology and escalating alarms.  At the time take your prescription medications, the Med-Q reminds you with loud audio alarm. The alarm starts at full volume and during the 300 second alarm cycle it gets louder and louder.  This is to be heard throughout the house.  Finally, It is a great feature for deaf people.

The second reminder is the flashing guide. 

Med-Q will “flash’ the individual pill box holding that times dose.  No decisions means no mistakes.  Only take the pills that are in the flashing box.  In conclusion, Med-Q pill box is virtually mistake proof.

What happens if you miss your Medication Time?

You have nothing to worry about. Med-Q will repeat it’s 5 minute alarm cycle every 30 minutes until you have taken your pills.  By the same token, if mom is in the bathroom, or if dad is getting the mail, you don’t have to stress anymore.  hence, The  30 minute cycle ensures they Will take their pills.

Size:     H  1 in    X     W  4 ½ in    X     L  8 ¾ in

Individual Container Size:   H  1 in   X    W  ¾  in   X   L  1 in

Weight:  11 Ounces Empty

  • Over-sized Finger Tip Tabs for Easy Opening
  • 14 Individual Removable Compartments  *
  • Curved internal angling of Containers for Easy Scooping
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Read Letters and Braille Marking
  • Container Capacity, 23 Full Size Aspirins (325mg)
  • Personalized Programmable for any Time, Day or Night

Programmable for Once a Day     -OR-   Programmable for Twice a Day

Med-Q is The Best Pillbox for my Dad

Getting the Very Best pillbox for Dad needs should be the first line of Defense for Good health .  Taking a proactive stance on medication can give them Quality of Life.

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