best pillbox for mom

Med-Q, best pillbox for mom prevents forgetting pills

Best PillBox For Mom Forgetting Pills

How does the Best Pillbox for Mom solve forgetting pills ?

mom forgetting pills
mom forgetting pills

Has mom forgetting pills causing stress and worry.  The problem will get worse if you don’t’ do anything about it.   You need to get your loved one the very best pill box for mom.  There are many different types of pill boxes on the market.  The Best Pillbox can be bought at a pharmacy or any type medical supply store.

Forgetting pills is not like forgetting to mail a letter.  

Mailing a letter late can’t kill you.  A John Hopkins study was just released  that states that medication errors are the number 3 cause of premature death.  The Best pillbox for mom is a real life saver. 

MedQ Best PillBox for Mom Reminder System is the Med-Q Smart pill box came to the-market in 2014.  The customer reviews have been phenomenal   Here is a link to their testimonial  page on their web site CLICK HERE.  The Med-Q was designed by Emergency Room Nurses.

 They saw patient returning to the Er , time after time form medication mistakes.  The old fashion plastic pillbox did not work.  Years of research and testing resulted in the the Best PillBox on the Market.

What Makes Med-Q the Best PillBox?

Med-Q Electronic Pill Reminder
Med-Q Electronic Pill Reminder

LED-LITE BOX Technology guides the user to the correct dose.  No more decision of which compartment’s pills to take,  The Med-Q genius design uses LITE-BOX technology to Flash only the box holding that dose times pills.  This means seniors don’t have to worry about what day of the week it is or which box to take.  This new feature is a game changer in preventing over dosing and all the consequence that come with it.

Audio Alarms that start soft and get louder and Louder. 

 Med-Q Pillbox is perfect for the hearing impaired. The Alarms starts at 100% volume for the first 2 minutes.  The alarm gets 50% louder for the next two minutes.  This is usually loud enough to be heard through out the house.  If it is still too soft, the alarm doubles in volume again for the last minute.  The genius design of the Med-Q best pillbox for mom makes forgetting and overdosing virtually impossible. Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms






America’s best Pill dispenser with LITE-BOX Guides and Repeating Alarms

45-Day Money Back Guarantee. FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. Award Winning Customer Service.
7 day programmable pill dispenser
America’s best Pill dispenser with LITE-BOX Guides and Repeating Alarms
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