Med-Q Best Pill Reminder with alarms


The Best Pill Reminder with Alarms in Arizona



MedQ, the Best Pill Reminder with Alarms

The reviews have been fantastic.  Some examples:

7 day pill reminder with alarmsThe best Pill reminder uses friendly design to make it simple to use.  The Visual Flashing Alarms and  audio alerts that keep getting louder and louder which makes forgetting your pills impossible.

Pill Dispenser Cutting Edge Design

The Automatic Pill Dispenser  is a caregiver’s tool.    Caregivers who use the best pill reminder with alarms  have a much easier job.  The Medication box takes on the the responsibility of remembering you pills and vitamins.  A small investment with a  big payoff.   MedQis your affordable answer to double dosing. MedQ programmable Pill Reminder can be seen on YouTube .

Medication Reminder uses LITE-BOX Technology

MedQ has created he best pill reminder with alarms box for seniors.  The patent pending design , created by nurses, attacks the root of the problem.  The World Health Association says that over 90% of seniors make medication mistakes on a regular basis.  This is part of the normal aging process.  The condition is called “Age Induced medication Mistakes“, or AIMM’s.  This will get worse as they get older.  This is not to be mixed with Alzheimer’s.


Best pill reminder with alarmsAudio and Visual Medication reminders

Med-Q’s bright flashing light will lite up the pill box that needs to be taken.  This smart pill reminder means no decision.  No decision means no mistakes.  Seniors don’t have to worry about the day of the week.  Seniors don’t have to worry if they already took their pills.  The peace of Mind the MedQ Programmable Pill Reminder offers is priceless.

Best pill reminder with alarmsMedQ Smart Pill Dispenser

Medical crisisCan you imagine two 747’s crashing every day with no survivors?  The fact of the matter is that is the same number of daily fatalities for medication errors.  Using a programmable pill reminder with alarms can ensure that Loved Ones will have the Quality of Life They deserve in their Golden years

Try MedQ risk free in your own homes.  You can try MedQ risk free to see if it will work for your loved ones.  Quite simply, the best pill reminder with alarms does the work for you and your loved ones.Best pill reminder with alarmsBest pill reminder with alarms



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