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What are the best Pill Organizers?

Best Pill OrganizersSome time that pill could be a simple multivitamin.  Other times it could be life-saving prescription medications.  The fact of the matter is that the Average Senior takes 5-7 pill each and every day.  Some seniors take up to 25 daily pills to manage their health.

Trying to not make mistakes can  overwhelming.  In addition, seniors suffer from AIMM’s (age Induced medication Mistakes).  The irony is that the mistakes grow in conjuncture with the consequences of mistakes.  All you have to do is turn on the TV.

Everyone takes a Daily Pill

best pill organizerCenter for Disease Control:  Over 250,000 Americans die from medical errors. That ranks just behind heart disease (600,000) and cancer (590,000).

This is not like forgetting where you put your aging parent) is getting the right medications at the right time? A simplified way to monitor pill dosages and remind the patient to take their medications could actually be a lifesaver.  Med-Q Smart Pill Organizers offers these as the best pill organizers to choose from.

The Best Pill Organizers

Best Pill Organizers
Best Pill Organizers

Med-Q Medication Compliance System.  A Seven or 14  day pill organizer that has 14 detachable compartments.  Each of the pill organizer boxes have the day of the week as well as Braille.  The user will program the pill box for their personal times.  At the programmed times the best pill organizers will flash a bright LED light in the compartment holding that times pills.  An alarm will sounds well and get louder and louder.  If the user misses the time, no problem, the best pill box will repeat every 30 minutes until the pills are taken.

14 Day Travel Pill Organizer

This pill organizer is equipped with Sixteen separate, numbered  pouches.  Put one’s own pills as well as vitamins for when you are traveling. The pouches are slide-locked to keep pills from falling out.

Best Pill OrganizersDetach N Go 7 Day Pill Organizer

A Seven day pill organizer has 7 detachable compartments.  Each of the pill organizer compartments are printed with the day of the week.   The user has the option of taking an AM and PM Pill.  This medication holder is good for travel.  The best part,  one is able to detach the days you need.

 Daily Pill Organizer & Reminder

A clever new method of keeping track of phone’s meds!   Here’s how the Did It functions.  Peel and stick the pill reminder to the  bottle. After you take your pill, push the tab outward and down until it clicks into place.  This now shows that you took your pill.  You have the choices of once or twice a day.

Best Pill Organizers
Best Pill Organizers

MedCenter Monthly Pill Organizer Alarm

This Pill organizer is equipped with 31 daily pill containers. One for each day of the week.  Many consider this the best pill organizer.  Each of the 31 days has smaller compartments.  The smaller compartment, has been subdivide into 4 smaller compartments for: 4 alarms daily. The green topped containers need to  flipped to red to show the user that that time’s pill was taken.

Pill OrganizersTwice A Day Pill Organizer

This is your basic, old fashion pill organizer.  It is a simple pill holder for those taking medication twice each day.  This has no type of reminder capability.  If you have someone who is not 100% accurate, this is not the best pill organizer for seniors.

*E*Pill* 7 Day Medication Reminder

This Medication Reminder has individual pill boxes that you place your pill in.  Once loaded, the user will set the alarms for times they need take their prescriptions.  An example, “PillBox #4 at 11 in the Morning”  and then  “PillBox #5 at  10 at Night.”  When it is time to take your pills, the *E*PILL*l will notify you with either beeping or vibrating.  Because of its size, it  can be placed in your pocket or purse.

Tab Tote Monthly Pill Organizer

This medication organizer holds Four weeks’ worth of of pills. Each of the pill boxes are labeled  from 1 to 30.  One for each day of a 30 Day month. People will load 15 days at one time. The spill proof top will them rotate to open to that day’s dose

Round Daily Vitamin Dispenser

This round container could actually be used for any daily medications. With 6 separate compartments, it eliminates the need to lug around 6 individual pill bottles. The lid turns to only dispense one dose at a time

Pill Turtle Weekly Pill Organizer

This user friendly pill organizer hold your pills.  In addition to that it has pill reminder alarm clock.  It has Seven separate pill boxes This the best pill organizer that is cute, funny and turtle.

Best Pill Organizers




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