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MED-Q: best pill dispenser for dementia

Med-Q is the best pill dispenser for dementia

What is the best way to make certain that seniors, as well as the disabled, take their prescription medication properly

Medication management is a challenge for people of all ages.  With seniors, the problem is worse.

In fact, medication compliance is no easy task.   Look at your prescription, vitamins and supplements and you will see that so many pills look alike.  Seniors find it hard to remember which pill is which.  Add to this problem, the ability to try to remember which pills to take.  One more problem, what time to take the medications.

If the the senior is also dealing with dementia this problem is magnified 100 fold.

Even just getting a little forgetful in managing medications can lead to the ER.  Many times these errors can be dangerous or even fatal.  Seniors need to take their meds properly.  .There are many medication management tools that can help.  MED-Q is the best automatic pill dispensers for elderly and family members.

Automatic pill dispensers can bring peace of mind to caregivers and family members.

best pill dispenserHere is how they work. A caregiver loads the correct pills and dosages into the dispenser. The dispenser is then set to dispense the meds at a certain time. At the right time, the machine moves the meds to a door or chute that gives the senior access to the pills. To reduce the risk of over medicating, a key is required to open the dispenser. Chances of a drug error are greatly reduced with an automatic pill dispenser. Most models will also sound an alarm signaling the senior that is time for their pills.

What features to look for in the best pill dispenser for dementia

Med-Q is the best pill dispenser for dementia. There are many factors to consider when looking at automatic pill dispenser options. As you read through these, decide which are the most important to you or your loved one’s needs. This will help you decide if an automatic pill dispenser is the right option.

There are 2 rows of 7 pill compartments that make up the medication reminder’s capacity.  The 14 compartments hold a total of 322 pills (23 per pill container).  . The medication reminder  works by flashing the box holding that times dose. hold.

The total number of  pill box compartments is important.  This allows you to hold 2 full weeks of medications.. Think of it this way. The front row will be week 1 (Sunday through Saturday and then the back row will be week two (Sat-Sun).

Individuals Pill boxes are designed for the most frail of hands.

pill dispenser for dementiaEven seniors with arthritis are able to use the specially designed pill containers.  The over sized finger tip tabs makes opening and closing the Med-Q pill dispenser with alarms the Best Pill Box you can get.  Simply put, the best automatic pill dispenser for seniors is one that doesn’t have to be programmed very often.

How to Programming  The Med-Q Medication Reminder

Programming  Your Med-Q is simple.  This being said, there are many types of  pill dispensers that are not as easy to set-up.  You need to get the dispenser machine that is capable of the number of reminders the patient needs on a daily basis. Some automated pill dispenser machines remind up to Six times daily. Some remind 1 or 2 times per day.

Once the reminder has been are set, the pillbox saves this information and will repeat every day automatically.    This is important if the senior is hard of hearing audio to place the pillbox in sight so the  person can see the Visual (flashing guides) reminders instead of the audio alarm.

Audio Alarms that are your Reminders

A loud alarm is necessary to remind many seniors that it is time for pills. Med-Q alarm will double in volume over the alarm time period.  Designed to not startle the senior, yet be able to be heard through out the house.   Unless the senior has significant hearing loss, the Med-Q’s alarms of should be loud enough.

best pill dispenserCaregivers Love these special Features

What happens if you miss your pill time.  The genus design of the Med-Q medication reminder will make sure the pills are taken.  The alarm will repeat every 30 minutes until the pills are taken.  That means if you are away from your medication reminder at alarm time, it will keep reminding you every 30 minutes.  This is a feature that will help ensure the medication is taken as close to the same time every day as possible.

Med-Q is the best pill dispenser for dementia

best pill dispenser for dementia
best pill dispenser for dementia

Med-Q dispensers is powered with 2 “AA” batteries.  Simple to handle and easy to remember the type.  It is important, senors on a fixed budget can easily afford AA batteries.  To Sum up, Med-Q is the best pill dispenser for dementia..

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