Med-Q best pill box with alarms for Dad

Best Pill Box with Alarms for Dad forgetting medication concerns


Has you dad forgetting his medication gotten out of control?

best pill box with alarms  You are not alone in this concern. That is why he needs the Best Pill Box with alarms to off set AIMM‘s.  Seniors suffer from Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s).  This condition is part of the normal aging process.  Short term memory will not be a strong as it once was.  


Best Pill Box with Alarms

Med-Q Medication  Reminder System

Furthermore, the Best pill box with alarms came to the-market in 2016.  The customer reviews have been phenomenal   Here is a link to their testimonial  page on their web site CLICK HERE.  The Med-Q was designed by Emergency Room Nurses.  They saw patient returning to the ER , time after time form medication mistakes.  The old fashion plastic pill box did not work.  Years of research and testing resulted in the the Best Pill Box on the Market.


What Makes Med-Q the Best Pill Box?

best pill box with alarms Genius Audio Alarm

The Beeping Alarms get louder and Louder.   This makes Med-Q perfect for the hearing impaired.  The beeping works as follows:

  • full 100% volume for the first 2 minutes.
  •  Med-Q’s alarms actually 50% louder for the next two minutes.  
  • The alarm gets 50% louder for the last minute

These alarms can now  be heard through out the home.  During prototype testing, the design team found that if the alarm started too loud, it would scare the senior.  We also found that the way Seniors would deal with the problem, was to take out the batteries.  The nurses  design the med-q to save lives.


The best pill box with LED LITE-BOX Technology & Triple Alarms.

Automatic Pill Dispenser for DementiaA  John Hopkins University study reported how important having the best pill box with alarms for your Dad is.  The study revealed a Shocking 250,000 people die each year in the US from errors with pills   Lets try to make the number something a person  can relate to.  If you saw on the news every day that two fully loaded 747 Jumbo crashed , killing all aboard, Would you fly?  The same applies with pills and medication.  If your dad doesn’t take his pills at the right times and in the right amounts he could end up in the hospital or worse.


Cutting Edge Design guides to the correct pill.

No decisions, means no mistake.  if you have every been on vacation, you will know how hard it is to remember what day of the week it is. Without a work week as well as weekends, it is very hard to keep track.  Add the AIMM’s condition and you can see why mistakes are so common.  Med-Q’s cutting edge design uses LED  LITE-BOX technology to prevent decisions and choices.  The Best Pill box will only Flash the pillbox holding the pills that need to be taken.

 If it is not flashing, nothing to worry about.  The benefit is that Loved Ones don’t  worry about which box to take.  This new feature is a game changer in preventing over dosing and all the consequence that come with it.  Put it all together and you will see why Med-Q is the best pill box.  See more of the Best Pill Box with alarms on Google+, Facebook  & YouTube.


smart pill reminder with alarms



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