Med-Q Medication Box with alarms saves Thousands of Lives

MED-Q is the Best Pill Box for Dad

First, Seniors suffer for AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).


Best pill box for dad
Best pill box for dad

Second, It has been stated by the FDA , Ninety Percent of men and women Sixty Five and older take Eight prescription medications every day.  Third, Ninety Percent of them make mistakes on a regular basis. Finally, The best pill box for Dad has been designed to solve the forgetting pills problem.

Your Dad forgetting medication has bigger problem then you think.  In fact, it is Over dosing.   Moreover, Dad forgets if he took his pills today. Hence,  he will take them again and again. Subsequently, this leads to the Hospital.  By the same token, Dad’s forgetting is worsened by the fact that retired people lose track of the day of the week. They do not have a weekend.   To sum up, The Best Pill Box for Dad can virtually solve the problem.

Best pill box for dad
Best pill box for dad

Med-Q Smart Pill box  for your Dad

First of all, This is not your Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box. Second of all, Amazing Med-Q Medication box is built with cutting Edge Technology. Third of all, The Best Pill Box for Dad uses LED LITE-BOX technology. Concluding, the Flashing Light will light -up ONLY the individual pill box holding that times dose.

By the same token, With this Medication box you will make no decisions.  No Decision means, no mistakes. To illustare,  Alarm cycles for  Five Full Minutes and then repeats itself every thirty minutes until the pills have been taken. Likewise, starts at One Hundred Percent volume and gradually increases to Two Hundred percent.  As i told you,  IT IS LOUD so Dad forgetting medication will not happen.

Dad Forgetting medication, Not with a Med-Q Pill Box?

Simply put, Med-Q is the Best Pill Box for Dad.   It’s simple to fill the daily Pill boxes.   He just sets his alarm times, “once or twice a day” and  the Best Pill Box for Dad repeats it’s Triple Alarms every day. The Medication timer, Reminds and Guides. You can make forgetting, double/triple dosing or even worse a thing of the past.  The cutting edge Med-Q Pill Box was designed with the Caregiver in mind.

Finally, our goal was to create a Smart pillbox that was , Simple to Use, Easy to Load and Affordable. We scored a “touchdown” with the Best Pill Box for Dad.   Where else can such a small cost give the Peace of mind a smart Pill reminder can offer. To sum up, as an Alzheimer’s pill alarm, MedQ can’t be beat.medication dispenser testimonials

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