5 Best Phones For Seniors

Top 5 Best Phones For Seniors

What are the Best Phones For Seniors

A good telephone is critical.  In fact, it is even more important for seniors who need their family relationships as they get older.  As a person ages they were be many changes.  An example is AIMM’s (age Induced Medication Mistakes).  Other examples:

Vision loss or impaired vision

Hearing  loss or demising

Mental Skills

Short term Memory Difficulty

Phones need to meet needs of senior citizens.

Phones that are designed for senior citizens  have many different options.  They will usually come equipped with oversized high contrast buttons that are easy see as well as  press. They will typically light up the display screen.  Many are adjustable as well as showing Caller in a simple, visible manner.

The Best Phone for Seniors have hearing impairments adjustable sound levels.   Some of the newer telephones have a flashing light that blinks with every incoming phone call.

These phones can typically have an adjustable volume decibel range, and are designed to be adjusted significantly louder than a regular phone. Many phones for the elderly have emergency buttons that are directly available from the interface.

A user-friendly phone for the homes of the elderly

The phone above has 9 personalized  photo buttons  that refers to important numbers. The pads are also over-sized size to make dialing easier. In the event of  hearing impairment, the volume can be turned up. The alarm can also be adjusted up to 70.5 dc. There is a red light that is visible when it is ringing.  The  telephone also is equipped with auto redial. 

  • Incoming sounds up to 18 dbMom forgetting pills is solved with MedQ
  • Includes 9 programmable photo memory buttons
  • Sound is adjustable
  • Visual ring notifier
  • Seniors and the visually impaired call by  pressing the photo button.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm offers the Top 5 Best Phones For Seniorssmart pill organizers

 5 Best Phones For Seniors Compared


  • The Emerson Big Button Telephone will work if the power goes out. In the event of a loss of power this telephone may beloved one’s only method to get needed help.
  • The Telephone has large  buttons that are good for seniors.  If you have a  disabled friend as well as a loved one. The buttons are designed  for simple dialing as well as visibility.
  • Telephone is built for durability. Customer support line is available.
  • Equipped with a hands-free speaker phone option
  •  Ten number memory in speed dial function 
  • Phone base is wall mountable for easy access. 

 Other  functions: hold, store, auto, redial, store and flash. Great for seniors and sight-impaired  people.

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smart medication box

VTech Portable Safety Pendant

 If you are researching  a corded phone, Med-Q Smart Pill box puts this in the 5 Best Phones For Seniors. 

Best Phones For Seniors

Accessory Portable Safety Pendant.  The phone with big display, large huge buttons as well as a built in speakerphone.   It is designed specifically for the elderly.   Using the safety pendant, elderly are just one speed-dial button away from help.  With it around their neck, they can be are away from their telephone. Finally,  they have in caller ID.  In conclusion, this phone has no monthly monitoring costs.

  • from $99.99
  • Accessory Handset
    from $27.31
  • Photo Speed Dial Accessory Handset

Emporia Essence Big Button GSM Cellular Phone

Emergency button on the phone’s back side.

This oversized-buttoned cell phone is good for elderly people. The emergency button is on its back for emergency call.

  •  It places voice calls and sends and receives SMS with legible text.

Elderly Picture Phone 

  • Pictures can be placed on each button
  • Ringer switch with Hgh, Low as well as Off
  • LED lights show an incoming phone call
  • 10 Two-touch or 10 one-touch memory keys
  • Red 911 emergency button
Important contacts can be saved with their pictures on each of the 10 buttons. One of its many important features is its ringer switch which can be set to high, low or off. It also radiates bright LED lights when there are incoming calls. In case of emergency, the user can automatically press the 911 red emergency key even if the unit is not plugged in from the line. Depending on what’s convenient, it can be mounted on a desk or on the wall.

Some things to think about with  phones for the elderly

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