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Smart pill reminder is Best Electronic Pill Organizer

Smart pill reminder is Best Electronic Pill Organizer for  Best  Medical Outcomes

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Smart pill reminder is Best Electronic Pill OrganizerFirst of all, the Smart pill reminder is Best Electronic Pill Organizer.  Consequently, it makes it so you never miss taking your pills    You can keep your prescription pills and supplements on schedule with the #1 Smart Pill Organizer with alalrms  and Timer   The Med-Q Best Electronic Pill Organizer is a 7 or 14 day pillbox.  It has fourteen pill compartments, one a day for to weeks or twice a day for one week.  

Smart Pill Organizer with alarms Ergonomic Design

First of all, Features of the #1 pill box with alarms has been designed for Simplicity.  Second of all The user will carefully place all of the prescription pills in the  Best Electronic Pill Organizer containers.  Third of all, the Programmable Pill Organizer timer features an loud beeper as well as a Bright, Flashing LED light. 

Features of the Best pillbox with alarms has been designed for Simplicity.The audio alarm features a unique cascading reminder.  Furthermore, increasing in volume for 5 minutes before it stop.   In addition, the audio alarm will keep repeating the 5 minute cycle every 25 minutes until your pills are taken or the next alert is activated.  Hence, When pressing the next alert button, the alarm will stop. However the individual box will continue to flash for ten seconds,  By the same token, to ensure the correct pills are taken.

Best Electronic Pill OrganizerThe visual alarm features a LED-light box technology.

  The LED light will flash in the individual container that needs to be taken eliminating confusion and mistakes.  Single beep or double beep alerts for multiple users in the same household, or 4 dose a day users.

If you are struggling with Loved ones Forgetting or Over dosing on their Life-Saving Pills, then the Med-Q Auto Pill Box is for you.  A electronic pill organizer that will remind the user when it’s time to take their pills.  The Flashing LED LITE-BOX will guide them to the exact correct dose at the right time.  No decisions, means no mistake.

Smart pill reminder is Best Electronic Pill Organizer
Smart pill reminder is Best Electronic Pill Organizer

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  • Size:     H  1” x    W  4″    L  8″
  • Individual Container Size:   H  1″   x   W  ¾” x   L  1″
  • Weight:  11 Ounces Empty
  •  Over-sized Finger Tip Tabs for Easy Opening
  •  14 Individual Removable Compartments
  • Curved internal angling of Containers for Easy Scooping
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Read Letters and Braille Marking
  • Container Capacity, 23 Full Size Aspirins (325 mg)

Smart electronic pill box dispenser for MomSmart Pill Reminder makes Decisions for You

The Smart Pill Reminder alarm beeps and the LITE-BOX will flash in the compartment holding the dose that needed to be taken.  The flashing will only happen at the exact time.  By simply taking the medication in the Flashing Medication Timer, there is no chance of a  mistake.  

Did I take Them??  Did I forget??  You Can Make Sure.  No Decisions means No Mistakes.  Set your Smart Pill Reminder and Never forget.   Med-Q Smart Pill box alarms will get louder and louder for 5  full Minutes.    Miss a Pill?…No Problem.   Med-Q Smart PillBox repeats it’s full alarm cycle every 30 Minutes until the pills have been taken.   The FLASHING LITE-BOX  guides the user to the exact dose at the exact time.

Designed to help the Caregiver

To illustrate, an estimated 31 Million people are taking care of family or friends.  Moreover this number is sure to rise.  To sum up, the Smart pill reminder is the tool needed to make sure of proper medication.  Mom forgetting pills? Dad Forgetting medication is more than a nuisance.  For example, These type of med mistakes can destroy the Quality of life .  To sum up,  Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder should be your first part of a “good health plan“.

Try the Smart pill reminder in your own home for 30 days , Risk free.  If you don’t think it is the perfect solution to forgetting and overdosing, simply return it for a 100% refund.  However, we are sure you will love your Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder and wonder how you ever lived with out it.  Amazing Med-Q remembers, so you don’t have to. In conclusion, the Brilliant Med-Q Pill Reminder is available of Institutional sales.  Private branding of the Smart pill dispenser is available. MedQ Pill box helps give Seniors the Quality of Life they Deserve in their Golden years.

smart pill reminder
smart pill reminder
Best Electronic pill dispenser with alarms
Best Electronic pill dispenser with alarms
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