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MED-Q The Best electronic pill dispenser alarm

MED-Q is the the Best electronic pill dispenser alarm

The Best electronic pill dispenser alarm

med-q smart pill boxTime to upgrade to the Best Electronic Pill dispenser alarm.  There are many new Healthy Habits  that Seniors Should Adopt In the upcoming year.  The new year is almost is almost here! Therefore now is the perfect time for elderly men and women to form new habits.  Some new habits can mean the difference between life and death.  This is when the best electronic pill dispenser alarm is needed.

How to start new Health Habits

The hardest part of adopting a healthy habit is just starting.   It is common for individual men and women to decide that they are going to  change their lifestyle habits.  This being said, most go back to the old unhealthy ways.  Usually within a just a few days or up to a coupe of weeks. This is the reason that so many seniors start off the new year going strong with their new habits but have usually quit by February.

Some habits make peoples lives easier.  Other habits, such as taking medication on time goes way beyond convince.  Medication errors can cause financial an, physical and emotional disaster.  The first habit of 2018 should be upgrading your old fashion Pill organizer.  The cutting edge design of the Med-Q Best Electronic pill dispenser alarm and timer is the perfect solution.

If you want to make something a habit you have to work at it.  On the other hand,  it is really difficult to break old  habits.   if these old habits are potentially deadly.  If you are ready to make some healthy lifestyle changes, you should follow these steps.  This will help  ensure those changes become habits.

Don’t Change Too Much Too Fast

America’s Best Pill Dispenser Alarm and Timers

Most people start out the new year by changing many different parts of their lives. This is sure to lead to failure.  Having too many changes will surely be  setting yourself up for failure. Pick one or two changes.  One of these should be better medication management.  Starting a new habit of relying on your smart pill dispenser with timer and alarms can be easy. 

 that you want to make and work on just those habits for 30 days. By the end of that 30 days, those changes will be habits if you stick with them. Then you can work on making two more changes. And do those for 30 days. Then pick two more and continue doing that until you’ve turned all those changes you wanted to make into habits.

Set Specific Goals to work towards.

pill reminder

It’s easy to say that you want to make sure you take you prescriptions properly.  Everyone will want to take vitamins and supplements as directed by their doctor or Pharmacist.   . But if you want to really accomplish control of your medication, you will need modern technology..  Alternatively you need to set specific and measurable goals. So in order to accomplish the goals of taking you pills properly you need to get a programmable pill dispenser alarms.  This is a  specific and measurable goal that will ultimately help you stay healthy and independent.

Make Changes With your Caregiver or Friend

It’s a lot easier to make healthy changes with the help of your caregiver.  The caregiver can help  hold you accountable They can check in with you and see how you are doing with your meds. Remember creating healthy habits  are easier when you have a friend or caregiver to help.

Be sure to Reward Oneself

It’s important to reward yourself for a job week done.  People ought to celebrate the progress that is being made and reward yourself when you achieve your chosen medication goal. About 14 days into one’s 30-day commitment to a lifestyle change, take a look at your progress. Are you taking your pills as prescribed by your health care professional.  Are you taking the right doses?  Are you taking the doses at the right time?  That is Great! Buy yourself some new a special little treat.  If you are keeping your promise to yourself to be proactive with your medications.,  In fact, reward yourself  at your favorite restaurant.

The Healthiest Habits For Seniors

Thinking about making some lifestyle changes?  Here are some good health in the coming year? Here are few of the healthiest habits for seniors as recommended by aging experts and medical professionals:

  • Get Enough Sleep:  Getting enough sleep is critically important for seniors. Seniors who don’t get enough sleep can raise their risk for health problems.
  • Exercise Daily: Exercise is one of the most important lifestyle habits that seniors should have.
  • Medication management: Use The Best electronic pill dispenser alarm
  • Make Crafts or Art: Arts and crafts are extremely beneficial for seniors and they should pursue whatever art or craft they like or try something new. 
  • Socialize Regularly:  . But getting regular social interaction is essential for mental health. 
  • Play some type of Brain Games:  Brain training games, such as puzzles and riddles are a great method for seniors to keep their brain strong as they get older. 

The Best electronic pill dispenser with alarmBest electronic pill dispenser alarm

Taking medication properly should not be a New Years resolution.  This being said, an electronic pill dispenser with alarms is the #1 change that seniors should make in 2018.  Are there other healthy habits for senior men and women that you can suggest? Let us know in the comments area below.   In addition, if you found this info helpful, please share on Facebook and other forms of social media!

MED-Q Electronic pill dispensers offers peace of mind to family members.

Here is how theses medication reminders  work.  The senior or their caregiver fills the MED-Q with the correct pills.  These pills are put into individual pillboxes that are marked with the day of the week.  The user puts the entire days worth of pills into the containers.   MED-Q is the Best electronic pill dispenser alarm.  One of the reasons,  there are compartments that hold medications that need to be taken at different times.  Subsequently, you just sit back and wait for medication and supplement time.

The medication reminder is then set to remind at your programmed times. At the right time, the pillbox will start beeping.  The beeping alarm gets louder and louder.  At the same time, the individual pillbox holding that time’s dose will start to flash.  Just take the pills in the flashing box.  it couldn’t get any easier.   The chances of making a medication error has virtually dropped to zero.. Most electronic pill dispenser alarm does not have MED=Q flashing LITE-BOX technology.

Best electronic pill dispenser alarm

MED-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser With Alarms

End Caregiver Stress, worry and Wondering

Finally a Smart Pill reminder that means loved ones will be taking their Life saving Prescription medication as directed by their Doctor or Pharmacist


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