Automatic Pill Dispenser

MED-Q is the best automatic pill dispenser

Med-Q is the Best Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm 

 smart medication reminderBest automatic pill dispenser with alarm and Flashing Guides 

Med-Q uses a Brilliantly Designed Flashing Lite-Box.  Med-Q is the Best Automatic pill dispenser with alarms has created a Flashing  LED LITE-BOX guide.  The Bright flashing will to show you the Exact Dose you need to take.  No need to worry about what day it is.“JUST TAKE ALL THE PILLS IN THE FLASHING  BOX.

Loud Alarms that keep getting louder and Louder

Med-Q was designed with Senior hearing in Mind. The alarms starts at 100% volume and Double over the five minute alarm cycle.  Designed not to startle, yet still loud enough to be heard through out the house.  MED-Q is the best automatic pill dispenser

Med-Q’s Alarms repeat Every Thirty Minutes

What happens if you Miss a Pill? With Med-Q, it isn’t a Problem. The Best organizer repeats it’s alarms until the Meds have been taken. The Automatic Pill Dispenser means no more forgetting.  Not “Grandpa’s Old DUMB Pill Organizer”.  


Med-Q Auto Pill Dispenser is a Powerful Caregiver’s Tool.  Watch How Simple the Pill Organizer set up Videos.  Once set, Med-Q the Best Pill Organizer Repeats every Day Automatically. The Smart Pill Box is the Best automatic pill dispenser for seniors citizens


Puts an End to Wondering if Loved Ones took their Pills MED-Q is the Best automatic Pill dispenser  with alarm.  Best Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarms for Dementia

The Alzheimer Association recommends that you “Set a medication Strategy before anything else”.  Having an Auto Pill Organizer with alarms to help remember to take your pills is truly critical.  This applies to both the Dementia suffer as well as the caregiver who is taking care of them.  Med-Q Smart Pill organizer with alarms is a great toll for people with dementia to manage their medication.

 The irony, the suffers are at a point in their life’s when taking medication for other issues has become more and more important.  You can put an End Forgetting and Over-Dosing by using the cutting edge technology of the newest pill organizer.  With Med-Q, you can safely say, ”  No Decisions Means No More Mistakes.  Just Take the Flashing Box.”


  Finally,Med-Q is the best automatic pill dispenser

Med-Q helps to keep your Loved Ones at Home and Out of Assisted living.  America’s Best automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarms can help prevent forgetting pills.  Using your Med-Q Pillbox as as part of a medication Compliance strategy, you can get the best results from your pills and vitamins.

 The Auto Pill Dispenser is like giving the gift of good health

 The goal of the smart pillbox was to  make remembering you prescriptions medications as easy as 1-2-3.   The Best automatic pill dispenser for Grandma and Grandpa if they have  Alzheimer’s  as well as Dementia.   No more forgetting or over dosing with the Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarms.pill reminder alarm timer


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