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Best AM PM Pill Box Reminder for Elderly

Best AM PM Pill Box Reminder for Elderly

An AM PM Pill Box Reminder is really a matter of Life or Death

Do you need the best AM PM Pill Box Reminder?  The simple answer, yes!  What happens if you don’t recall the location of your car keys? What will happen if one misplaces the TV remote?  What will happen to you if to forget  your Life Saving prescription pills?  If you think about #3 being the worst by far, then you should start using  an AM PM pill reminder with alarms.  Is it a big problem?  How bad is forgetting to take prescription medication from a pill box reminder? The Wall Street Journal dubbed medication non-compliance, “America’s other Drug Problem.”

Best AM PM Pill Box Reminder for Elderly
Best AM PM Pill Box Reminder for Elderly

What to look for in an AM PM Pill Box Reminder

There are many different pill boxes on the market.  The old fashion pillboxes area simple lidded box with days of the week.  They are NOT a pill reminder, they are nothing more than a pill holder.  Modern technology has provided the medication needed to keep people health and living longer.   As C. Evert Coop (U.S. Surgeon General) was quoted as saying, “Medication will not work if you don’t take it properly.”  Here are some things your AM PM Pill Box Reminder should have:

Seniors suffer from AIMM’s  

MED-Q smart pill box Reminder
MED-Q smart pill box reminder

Seniors suffer form AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  This is a problem that will get worse over time as the senior ages.  The fact that at this time of their lives, is when they are taking the most medication, you can see the potential peril. Go to Med-Q Am Pm Pill box and use this smart pill box as a bench mark.  When evaluating a pillbox, make sure that it can hold all you medication and is easy to use.  A simple investment in a smart pill organizer can be the first line of defense for good health and well being.

Med-Q is the Best AM PM pill box reminder choice for the Elderly. Best Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Remindersmed-q pill dispenser machine


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