Warning Signs Of Parkinson’s Disease

Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Brain

Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Brain

How to keep your Brain Strong

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Parkinson’s Disease

Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Brain.  How can you prevent this?  This is the 64 thousand dollar question.  Do you load up your smart pill box with the newest medications.?  Or is t good nigh sleep the answer.  For example, how important is exerciser  Many of these pointers can help ensure a health brain.  A provocative stance is important.  Forgetting to take medications or not getting out side can and will hurt you.

How to Prevent  Medication Errors with a Smart Pill Box

First of all, the population is getting older.  Second,  more and more people are taking prescription medications.  Hence, no compliance is on the rise.  Seniors need to use some typ pf auto pill dispenser or smart pill box with alarms.  This will ensure that medications are taken properly.  Taking the right pills as prescribed by your doctor will keep your brain healthy.  A smart pillbox is crucial to defend against loss of brain capacities.

You keep Missing Sleep

Warning Signs Of A StrokeDo you get your 8 hours?   First of all, many  do things you know you shouldn’t do.  In fact,  we all do.   This being said, some of those negative behaviors can have a negative impact on the brain. To illustrate, lack of sleep has been shown to be a cause of dementia.  Hence,  Alzheimer’s disease as well.   It is very important  to have regular sleep. In the event that one is  troubled with sleep, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and electronics in the evening.  In addition, begin a soothing pre-sleep time habit.

You are spending Too Much Time by yourself

Humans  beings are pre-wired for the need for social contact.   This being said, it is never about the number of Facebook friends you may have.  Here is what truly matters, the real sense of people to people connections.   To illustrate, men and women with close friends are usually happier.  Hence, more  productive as well.. Theses individual shave reduced risk of suffering from brain decline.  Yhis applies to Alzheimer’s also.. If you feel alone, First, call some friends.  Second, r start some new activity.  Examples,  dancing, golf as well as enetering poker tournaments.  To sum up, all these involve other people.

 Eating way Too Much Junk type Foods

smart pill box
MED-Q smart pill box with alarms timer

The brain is made up of many parts.  Some are linked to learning, memory, and mental health.  Don’t be shocked to find out that fast food eaters brain size ise smaller.  A diet of  lots of burgers, fries, tacos as well as soda is bad.  Try to eat . Berries, whole grains, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.  This type of food stuff can actually reduce the risk of  slow mental decline. So in the futures, put down that bag of potato chips.  To sum up,  grab some healthy pine nuts instead.

Get up and  Move around

Exercise is very important.  To illustrate,  longer you go without regular exercise, the risk you are to develop dementia spikes.   Men and women have elevated risks of getting diabetes, heart disease as well as HBP ( high blood pressure).  Furthermore, these are all linked to Alzheimer’s. No need to begin to run marathon.  For example, a 30 minutes walk around theblock will do the job.  In conclusion,  do it at least 3 days a week.

 You are Still Smoking

Smoking is able to shrink your brain.  Obviously,  not a good thing. It will start making one’s own memory worse.  Furthermore, makes you 200% mores likely to develop Alzheimer’s or some type of dementia.  In addition, it leads to heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.

 Obesity and  Overeating

If you eat too much food — even the right kind of food — your brain may not be able to build the strong network of connections that help you think and remember. Overeat for too long and you may get dangerously overweight, which can cause heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure — all linked to brain problems and Alzheimer’s.

Staying in the Dark Too Much

Get outside.  People need natural light.  Without it, people may get depressed.  This may slow down the brain. The most up to date studies have shown that sunlight helps keep your brain working good.

Change the Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Brain

To sum up, many bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Brain.  The good news, there are ways to  prevent it.  Be proactive.  Get a smart pill box for your prescription medication. Get a t good nigh sleep after your afternoon walk.  These are some pointers can help keep your brain healthy.  A provocative stance is important to ensure Independence and Quality of Life..

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