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How MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispensers work


 To illustrate,  Automatic pill dispensers are the first line of defense for good health and Independence. 

Automatic pill dispensersConsidering every one needs some type of medication reminder to ensure the best outcome with their prescription medications. That being the case,  an electronic pill dispenser with alarms for the elderly will greatly improve medication compliance.


automatic pill dispensers
Med-Q is the best Automatic pill dispensers with alarms

An automatic pill dispenser is a medication tool.  The goal, make sure the user is taking the right pills at the right times.  In other words, as people age they will begin to have some memory issues.  In fact the condition is called AIMM‘s ( Age Induced medication Mistakes). This is a normal part of aging.  Do not confuse AIMM’s with Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia.  The best automatic pill dispenser with alarms will help makes sure medication is taken as directed by peoples health care professionals.]

User observed is that most auto pill dispensers are not completely tamper resistant

Best Pill Dispenser with timer
Best Pill Dispenser with timer

Considering that one of the most common mistakes that are made is taking the wrong pills.  Accordingly, with a pill dispenser this can be solved.  This being said, we have found individuals that will actually pry open different dispensers with a knife and access the medication compartments can be pried open.

If you are going to be using a pill dispenser with someone with a history of tampering, stay away from that type of pill dispenser.  for the purpose of comparison, Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarms has provided a some of the top selling medication dispensers for your review.  The will include features and benefits as well as some customer testimonials. 

For the purpose of helping to  you choose the best electronic pill dispensers with alarms for your loved ones.

auto pill dispensers with locks
Med-q auto pill dispensers with lock HOW AUTOMATIC PILL DISPENSERS WORK

Medication errors are a huge problem.  The fact of the matter, medication errors are the number three leading cause of death in the United states.  An auto pill dispenser with alarms can help solve this problem.  These new devices are way more than an old fashion pill box or pill organizer.  These pill dispensers have a wide variety of features.  Med-Q Medication Compliance has provided the top pill dispensers with alarms for your review.

If you will be using this pill dispenser with for a patient who is prone to tampering, this may not be the best option for you. You can check out the bulkier Accutab Pill Dispenser as an alternative. That said, let’s take a look at some automatic pill dispenser reviews and help you choose the best pill dispenser for you or  dexterity problems.


Med-Q electronic pill dispenser.  The Smart Pill box is powered with 2 AA batteries.  The Med-Q can be programmed for 1 or two daily pill reminders.  At pill time, the individual box holding that times dose will start to flash. The Med-Q pill dispenser with alarms used LED PILL-BOX technology to guide the user to the exact right dose.

The unit also has an audio reminder. The alarms starts at 100% volume and doubles to 200% volume for the deaf and hard of hearing.  The genius design will repeat it’s alarms every 30 minutes until the pills have been taken and the next alert has been activated.


This is a simple Weekly pill holder.   This Pill holder will fit Under your shelf.  This is a non electronic pill dispenser called the Accutab Pill Dispenser.  Not, this is non-electronic or programmable.   First, you can use this pillbox for a Medication Reminders.   Second, It will hold prescription meds, vitamins, as well as supplements.  Third, it can be used for: 1, 2, or 3 times per day for One Week.  Fourth, Fill your automatic pill dispenser every week.  Finally, The user will then  slide the included bracket under your kitchen cabinet shelf & you are ready to use the pill organizer.  This dispenser is a very basic model and will not help you remember your pills.  It is an under the counter pill organizer.

  • 7 Day Pill Organizer will  dispense even multiple prescriptions and/or vitamins.
  • Dispense 1, 2 or 3 pill per Day
  • The Pill Capacity is fairly large
  • Is made to be installed under the kitchen cabinet
  • Not very hard to Dispense. The user will slide lever to auto rotate
  • Medications and Vitamins drop into patient’s hands.
  • It has a last dose taken notification.
  • No Batteries

What Is involved in proper Medication Management?

Caregivers who are are responsible for taking care of an elderly family member or other individual, you know that tracking as well as managing their meication is a crucial component of ensuring their long-term health.

Medication management describes the ongoing management of an individual’s medication regimen, ensuring that they are taking all of their pills at the right time and that they are not suffering any interactions or other types of complications.


Using A medication Reminder with Alarms will help elderly parents feel  more independent

When people use an auto pill dispenser with alarms or some type of smart pillbox with alarms, they are able to live a more independent life.  The fact of the matter is that elderly individuals that are using an automatic pill dispensers have an improve Quality of Life.

Medical Definition of Quality of life

Quality of life: The patient’s ability to enjoy normal life activities. Quality of life is an important consideration in medical care. The fact of the matter is that some medical treatments can seriously impair quality of life. That being the case, some are without providing appreciable benefits.  In contrast, others greatly enhance senior’s quality of life.

Furthermore, modern automatic pill dispensers also come with flashing guides to help the user take the proper medications and supplements.  Moreover, some of the auto pill dispensers come equipped with a early dose feature.  This is to say, they are able to take one dose to bring with them if they are leaving the house.

Whereas a Pill Box with alarms must be very loud for hearing impaired patients.  In addition, these pill dispensers frequently feature sound settings that enable different tones for different hearing levels.  By the same token, visual alerts are also common feature of some automatic pill dispensers. Likewise another great way to ensure that  hearing impaired individuals adhere to their medication schedule.

Med-Q Pill Dispenser with Alarms Compliance System Final Thoughts

Nevertheless, the best automatic pill dispensers is a very personal choice.  Above all, a pill dispenser with alarms is some thing that should be evaluated.  Seniors,Even more, need individualized research.  Next,  the best pill dispenser should be decided upon.  To sum up, knowing HOW an AUTOMATIC PILL DISPENSERS WORK will help. 

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MED-Q automatic pill dispensers

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