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Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for Seniors

Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for Seniors

Elderly People people suffer from a condition called Age Induced medication Mistakes.

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Why the best automatic pill dispensers for seniors?  is a normal part pf aging.  As we get older , our memory is not as sharp as it use to be.  This is not that important if keys a forgotten.  Likewise, where were the keys set down?.  Incidentally, the same apples with a smart phone.  This can not be said about forgetting medication. That being said, it is important to note that AIMM’s is not the same as Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia. Moreover, if  these concerns are troubling , visit your health care professional immediately.

Many Seniors have many health issues that require Prescription Medications

First of all,  Elderly Men and Women need to take certain prescription medications every day to stay Independent as well as  healthy.  Second of all, this will lead to the best quality life in their Golden Years..

How big is the AIMM’s problem?   The answer will shock you.  In the United sates, in 2014, over 100 Thousand people died from medication mistakes..  To put this in to perspective, imagine two fully loaded 747 jets crashing every single day.  In summary,forgetting daily doses of pills and supplements is common.

With prescription medications, there is always a time when Seniors forget to take their pills.

Correspondingly, the problem is that they are not sure if they have taken them or not.   The AIMM’s condition leads to getting confused easily and forget things.  The results, forgetting to take your medications and even worse, double and triple dosing.   In brief, both have very bad consequences.

However, with the best pill dispensers to the rescue, your elderly loved ones are able to take their pills as prescribed.  In short, no more forgetting.  As a matter of fact, no more double or triple dosing.  That is why we believe the Med-Q Automatic pill dispensers for seniors is the best pill dispenser in America.

The Best Pill Dispensers with Alarm is a Caregiver’s best helper

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In short, caregivers can know that their aged family members are unable to manage the simplest meds.  Correspondingly,  the  most complex medication regimens need help.  The best automatic pill dispenser for seniors really  help to improve senior’s medication compliance.  What is makes a pill reminder the best pill dispenser, and how does it work?  As every boy knows, there are many Automatic pill dispensers to buy.  It is a fact that Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder has these life saving features.

An automatic pill dispensers is an electronic device that reminds the user when to take their pills and which pills to take

automatic pill dispensers for seniors
Med-Q automatic pill dispensers for seniors

Med-Q Pill Reminder with timer and alarms has 14 pill compartments holding the prescription medications that are  to be taken at the programmed times.  Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarms lets you set the times of the day or night that you want the alarm to remind you. At the programmed times, the pill reminder’s alarm will sound.  The alarm starts softer and keeps getting louder and louder for a full five minutes.  What happens if you miss your pill reminder?  No problems the Best Pill dispenser will repeat it’s alarms every 30 minutes until the user has taken their pills and pressed the next alert button.

When it is pill time, the Med-Q will start  blinking repeatedly when the alarm goes off.

The flashing will occur ONLY in the medication compartment holding that times pills.  Just take the flashing box.  No decisions to make.  Seniors no longer have to stress if the are taking the right day.  The Best Pill dispenser in America solve the problem for them.

To avoid overdosing or unnecessary access to drugs that are not needed at each time, virtually all automatic pill dispensers come with a lock mechanism. So, users only gain access to the needed drugs each time.

More and more seniors have come to realize that buying a medication dispensers is less expensive than hiring  a caregivers.  That is why so many more people are buying the best pill dispensers or smart pill box with alarm.

The Med-Q has an Blasting Audio Alarm that will go off at the programmed time.

This alarm keeps blaring for 5 minutes  and then repeats every 25 minutes until the prescriptions and supplements have been taken.  The alarm is designed for hearing impaired seniors can hear it through out the house.  The Medication dispenser is powered with  2 “AA” batteries with a life of 1 1/2 – 2 years.   Equally important, when the Medication Reminder’s  batteries get low, a flashing icon will appear on the screen to inform the user it’s time to put in fresh batteries.

And lastly, the Med-Q  is the Best Pill dispenser with alarms.  This being said, a smart pill reminder will not make the user  take their pills. Of course  it is up to caregivers to make sure the user is  always taking their drugs  as prescribed by their health care professional.

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