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Automatic pill dispenser

Automatic Pill Dispenser for Dementia Patients

Automatic Pill Dispenser for Dementia Patients

Automatic Pill Dispenser for Dementia Patients

Dealing with Dementia Medication schedules requires an automatic pill dispenser for dementia patients.  Seniors have a condition called Age Induced Medication mistakes (AIMM’s).  Most seniors will use some type of Automatic Pill Dispenser or Pill Box.  These pill dispensers will usually solve the forgetting  and over dosing problem.  Dementia is not the same thing.  It is not a matter of simply forgetting to take your prescriptions, an Automatic Pill Dispenser is crucial for the sufferer.

Automatic pill dispensers are an affordable and good management answer.  

The design will let people with early and middle stages of dementia in control of their meds.  It has been shown to to improve adherence to levels greatly.

Avoid Medication Mistakes

Automatic Pill Dispenser for Dementia Patients can make the journey easier.  The challenges that are going to appear on the horizon will be hard. Anything you can do to prevent medication errors i a step in the right direction

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