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Testing MED-Q automatic medication reminder with alarm

MED-Q automatic medication reminder with alarm in real life situations

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In the first place, an automatic medication reminder with alarm can not be underestimated. In the second place, this is even more important for Elderly Men and women.  Finally, as Mom and Dad age they start having some memory issues.  In reality this will effect medication and supplements.  The medical term is Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s).  This being said, modern technology has brought forth products that can help with medical compliance.

An Automatic Medication Dispenser fights Medical Non Compliance

Noncompliance: Failure or refusal to comply with Health Care Professional’s directions. In medicine, the term noncompliance is a patient who does not take a prescribed medication.  Finally follow a prescribed course of treatment. In order, those that demonstrates noncompliance is said to be non compliant.

Twenty seniors in a Norwegian municipality have begun a study.

MED-Q Pill ReminderThe study was created to evaluate an automatic medication reminder with alarm.  The study will measure the complacency rates of seniors.  Most in their own home. Seeing that the study uncovered some interesting data.  Using a smart medication reminder have higher feelings of empowerment.  Additionally they will save valuable time and money.  No more need for home care services.  By far the most important, they have fewer medication errors.

Seniors tested the automatic medication reminder with alarms

In contrast, the group had a with variety of disabilities.  In brief,  paralysis, reduced motor skills and function. For that purpose the test group also had  degrees of and visual and cognitive impairments.

The lead researcher, Doctor Ingrid Svagard says, “Users with a stable psyche and only moderate cognitive impairment report a greater feeling of freedom when medication visits are stopped”. The flip side, seniors like caregiver  visits.  Also, the companionship that home care workers provides.  In the final analysis, this sense of security will stop in the event of no more visits

Auto medication dispenser with alarm

automatic medication reminderElectronic automatic medication reminders are just one part of medical compliance.  Part of the multi-faceted approach is called “welfare technology.” In the long run, new technology will improve life for Men and Women.  The bonus, it will  make health care services run more efficiently.

Saying that it’s a demanding job to be a home care service provider, is an understatement.  This is even worse if the caregiver is a family member instead of a paid professional.  First off, Prescription Medication errors involving forgetting.  Second,  medication given at the wrong time.  For the most part theses are the two  most common non-conformance behavior.  Finally, the third problem.  In short, Over-dosing.  Taking 2, 3 or 4 days worth of pills at the same time to “catch up” on missed medications.

This is the  reason why Dr. Svagard wanted to investigate automatic home drug dispensers.  She wanted to see if the new technology would help.  There can be no doubt that this approach would become a reliable way of improving compliance. o  Your quite right that this is a plus for the current medication regime.

The MED-Q automatic medication reminder to the rescue

Medications currently  fall into two distinct groups.  To begin with,  individual doses of pills placed in compartments or bottles. On the other hand, doses of pills are packed in rolls inside pills dispensers.

The 2013 study used a Pill dispensers..

The prescription medications and supplements were put into a “carousel” system.  Up front of the tray there are 28 chambers.  Subsequently, users are notified of the time for their medication with a alarm. In case the medication were skipped, a SMS is sent to a predetermined telephone number.

Benefits of home drug dispensers depends on several factors.

Common sense tells us that having a basic overall knowledge of the users is critical.   For example, if a user is to receive benefit from the MED-Q automatic medication reminder, he or she must now  how it works. People should pick the best pill dispenser  for their  individual needs.l For example, some users will need some extra time to take their prescription pills and supplements.

For many, it isn’t the medication alarm reminders that matter most. Many senior have hearing issues.  This means they are unable to hear the alarm.  The need a pill reminder that has bright flashing reminders.  This will solve the hearing problems and the stress that come with it.

 During testing a number of problems have occurred

smart pill reminderThese problems surely provided some challenges for for the health care provider as well as the Senior users. The use of a medication dispenser ensures that the right meds are taken at the  right time.  Proper medication (compliance) contributes towards the best possible outcomes.  It means you will be improving the user’s health and well being.  In fact, this promotes a superior senses of security for the users.  This also applies to the caregiver and family members.

Med-Q automatic medication reminder with alarm is the best way to solve the non compliance issue

The feed-back from the test Seniors has proven the positive effects of a smart pill reminder.  If you are experiencing any medication error problems, try the Med-Q Smart Pill box with alarm in your own home risk free.  With the smart Pillbox, no decisions means no mistakes.Smart medication reminder

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