pill box with lock

MEd-Q recommends Upgrade your Auto pill box with Locks

 Flashing Guides means time to Upgrade your old Auto pill box with Locks

Caregivers Voted Med-Q the Best Automatic Pill Dispenser

*First of all, FLASHING Auto Pill BOX Guides Users

*Second of All Genius Alarms get LOUDER & LOUDER

*Third of all, Auto Repeat Every 30 Mins until Taken

auto pill box with locksMed-Q Replaces an Auto Pill Dispenser with locks.

1 Daily Reminder/Click for Set-Up Video

Finally a Smart pill box with alarms that replaces an auto pill box with locks.  actually works.  All caregivers need to know about the MED-Q Automatic Pillbox with alarm.  In fact, this new space age auto pill box means no more need for an auto pill box with lock to ensure safety. 

Furthermore, the cutting edge design ends over dosing on you prescription medications.  Additionally, the repeating alarms makes taking your pills and supplements as simple as can be.  For the same reason, all caregivers taking care of friends as well as family need a Smart Pillbox. Obviously, they need it  for managing  loved ones medication.  auto pill box with locksNo need for an Auto pill box with locks

MED-Q Replaces the old Auto Pill Box with Locks

Med-Q is great for Long Distance Caregivers.  The elderly has never seen a smart pill box with alarm that gets Louder and Louder for 5 Full Minutes or until the Pills are taken. As noted, Med-Q Auto PillBox with alarm makes sure their Life Saving Prescription Medications have been taken.  No more worry.  No more wondering with the Genius Med-Q Medication and Auto Pill reminder. Smart Alarms Repeats Every 30 Minutes.   Furthermore, Miss a Pill, No Problem

With out a doubt Med-Q Pillbox repeats it’s alarms. 

auto pill box with locksBecome Med-Q Medication Reminder’s Next Success Story In conclusion, take a proactive stance in  medication management.  Does this story sound familiar with you?

In another case, I was calling my Mom twice a day to remind her to take her pills.  She would get so mad at me for calling.  She said, “I am not a child, I can take my pills by myself”.  This being said, she was wrong.  We could not show if she was taking two or three pills a day.

auto pill box with locks However we were able to determine that she was forgetting her meds.  How were e able to determine the forgetting?  At he end of the months she had 5 or 6 pills left over.  Missing 6 pills out of every 30 day.  Needless to say, this is totally unacceptable.  These are the pills that are keeping her alive.  This is the exact reason we invented the MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser is Like Having a Personal Live-In-Nurse every day at Medication Times

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America’s Best Auto Pill Box
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