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Assisted Living

Keep mom out of assisted living

How to Keep Mom out of Assisted Living

Keep Mom out of Assisted Living

How to Keep Mom out of Assisted Living? Over 25% of assisted living admits are from bad prescription  medication adherence..  This problem has been  a roadblock to achieving better medical outcomes for Mom.  The new released info confirms that 50% of women do not take their prescription-medication as directed.   Is it a big problem?  In addition to premature assisted living admits, medication errors cost more that $100 billion a year on preventable hospital visits.  the shocking truth,  better adherence  prevent 200,000 premature annual deaths.

Medication Adherence is a Priority for Mom

How to Keep Mom out of Assisted LivingWhy does Mom have such a problem taking her Pills right?  Seniors suffer from a condition called AIMM’s.  Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s) is a normal part of aging.  Do not confuse AIMM’s with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

3.8 billion prescriptions a Year

How to keep mom out of assisted living is a of coordination of care and medication management  When a physician prescribes their pills, they need to stress the important of compliance.  This is especially trues when people are taking lots of pills prescribed by different doctors.

Be sure to use a system to reconcile your medications.  Modern medication needs the help of a modern pill box or pill reminder.  A pill box  reminder with alarms will eliminate up to 90% of all errors.   When asked, How to Keep Mom out of Assisted Living, the first step should me a medication reminder of some kind.  This is an instant cure for 25% of  premature assisted living admission.

Assisted Living Admit Factors

Compliance down to the personal level will including lifestyle, psychological issues, health literacy, family support as well as negative side effects of the pills.  The fact of the matter, Mom’s personal life-style will have the biggest impact.  Studies have shown that they have t a big affect on medication adherence.  Supporting Mom in better adherence is critical to keeping her out of Assisted Living. 

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Lessons We Learned

If Mom is able  to improve adherence,there is a strong link between assisted living and staying at home. How to Keep Mom out of Assisted Living is a challenge for all the Family Members.   A typical example, Mom is taking three or four pills a day instead of One. The flip side, going two or three days without taking a pills.  Research shows that a pill organizer with alarms can provided the needed pill or medication reminder.

Infrastructure  Support Interventions

Keep Mom out of Assisted LivingSupport interventions to raise adherence has become a high priority in the United States.  This is being monitored with the health information technology (HIT) and electronic health records technology.

Health information technology (HIT) is information technology for health care (including the aged care market). It supports health information management across computerized systems and the secure exchange of health information between consumers, providers, payers, and quality monitors.

Current guidelines  require (Created under the Obama administration) “meaningful use” of HIT.  However, the s HIT strategy need not only  be a recommendation.  It should included all data (e.g., medication histories and rates of filling and refilling of prescriptions).  These need to be turned into electronic  records.  Furthermore, the info will  be sharing by health care providers and care settings.  Including, but not limited to,  doctor’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, home health nurses as well as many others.

The bottom line is this, How to Keep Mom out of Assisted Living is no easy Matter

Med-Q Pill Box was created because we known  that improved adherence keeps mom out of assisted Living or a Nursing home.  With federal health care reform law in affect, a trend to toward deployment of HIT is improving every day.  Tying care, and payment reform together create a desirable infrastructure for keeping your mom out of assisted living and at home. Now we just need to get moving.   How to Keep Mom out of Assisted Living,be smart

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