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5 tips to prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Wandering

5 Tips for Keeping Loved Ones from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Wandering

 Seniors With Dementia and Alzheimer’s Wandering need etra help.

We often hear stories on TV about a Senior Citizen with Alzheimer’s or Dementia who has wandered away from his or her home and then passing from exposure to the elements.  It doesn’t take long for an old person to succumb to adverse weather.  There are many other dangerous things that can happen.  The things like water hazards, busy streets as well as factories are easy for people to handle, if the do not have Alzheimer‘s  as well as Dementia.  

For the Caregivers of loved ones who is taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia, this is truly the ultimate ” nightmare situation.”

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Wandering can be prevented

Is there ways that we can protect Family and Friends with Alzheimer’s and or dementia.  How can we prevent this from happen?  The very 1st thing that we should do is face the ugly truth.

Mom had always been a walker.   Some time she would walk for 2 or 3 miles.  When she retired from her customer service job, she doubled the lengths of her hikes

She had a goal to hike 5,000 miles before she couldn’t walk anymore.died.  He got a pedometer and proceed to go after his goal with gusto!  He would sometimes walk up to 6 miles a day.

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 She would drive to a spot, then park her car, hike 2 1/2 Kilometers out and 32 1/2 kilometers back to the car.  Coming from Southern Missouri, she grew up on a far and really like to hike in all kinds of weather.  She reached the daily walk goal.  Then the dementia happened.  Even with dementia she kept going on walks.   How could we keep her safe?  Many people with loved ones suffering with Alzheimer’s here’s a few pointers for lowering the odds of Disaster.


Alzheimer’s Wandering  Personal Profile with Pictures ready

Alzheimer's and DementaiImagine that they wander when the weather is  inclement.  This is when time is the most important.  If you are able to give the police  personal profile with pictures, this will surely help find them before tragedy strikes.  The Personal profile should have: name, up to date photograph, Birth date, their physical description such as height and weight, as well as any personal characteristics such as a tattoos.

If you know how they were dressed when they left can also be extremely useful.

Have them wear a Alzheimer wandering  bracelet on them.  There are bracelets available with G.P.S.  The bracelet needs to  have their full name, entire address as well as families phone numbers.   The Alzheimer’s website has one they offer called Medic Alert and Safe Return.

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Some times Mom would have her cell phone with her.

Even though she could not remember how to use it, it was helpful for whoever found her to call us.   One time, when she was hiking, she fell and twisted her knee.  A good Samaritan stopped to help her and called us on Mom’s cell phone so we could come to the rescue.  Our phone number was the one listed as the “emergency” number.  A smart phone is great reminder

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Ask your Neighbors to be on the Look Out

Let your neighbors about your loved ones Alzheimer’s  wandering and the chances she might go for a walk.  If they see her, stop her and bring her home..  Keep a list of their names, addresses, and phone numbers.  Be sure they know your phone number and where you live.  I used to take walks with my dad.  Many of the neighbors knew my dad because of his friendly nature.  I would introduce myself to them, realizing they could be our first line of defense against losing him if he should ever wander away.  Many times, a neighbor will bring them home before they can get lost.

 Securing the home with deadbolts as well as child proof  safety knobs on all the exterior doors.

There are electronic system  that will let you know if  “a door ajar”.  In the event that there is a “dangerous area in the house.  Be sure to, keep it locked so they can’t get in.  Be sure to NEVER lock a person with dementia in their house without any type of supervision.

They May Drive Away

Don’t forget that Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers  don’t just walk away . often times they get in the car and  drive away.  Keep the car keys locked up.  For sufferers use to go biking, this is can also lead to putting them in a unsafe environment.

dementiaAlzheimer’s and dementia often advance quickly.  Your loved one may seem fine 1 minute and then and 60 minutes after,  they are in their own alternate reality.  Sufferers can spend hours, days,weeks or even months their  own alternate reality  The amazingly,  they may snap back for a time and be their old self.  This is one of the reasons why constant supervision is vital.

I know, from experience, the feeling of relief  when the police car as it pulls in our driveway!  Take it from me, it only takes a moment if your no not watching .  In 60 seconds , the could have wander away.  Preparation in advance can make all the difference in the world to the Alzheimer’s and Dementia suffers.  Preventing Alzheimer’s  Wandering  will give you peace of mind.

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