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8 Tips for Lowering Alzheimer’s Risk

8 Pointers for Lowering Alzheimer’s Risk


high blood pressure
high blood pressure

8 different methods of Controlling ones Alzheimer’s

Risk can be practiced in every day life.   With Alzheimer’s risk on the rise, preventive measure, early on, can be very helpful in prevention of the disease.In the Unites States a vast sum of money and time has been invested in Alzheimer’s understanding.  An understanding of the illness can lead to methods of treatment or avoidance.  Jin-Tai Yu, MD, PhD, form UCLA’s Memory and Aging Unit focusing on human neurology as well as other brain functions.  Some recent publications have outlined the enormous future costs to mange  the disease.
This is why prevention will have such a big impact.   A Recent Study looked at the controllable factors and  and spotted 8 that correlated with 65 Percent of Alzheimer’s cases world wide. The Raw data was combined from over 325 prior studies and reports.  Each one had a group of at least Five Thousand participants.  The data is a convincing argument to get people to take action.

These tips must be followed for decades to be of help in preventing  or reducing Alzheimer’s Risk.  Changing what you eat most likely will not lower your chances of developing the disease if you start these habits, late in life.  Maintaining a mix of these factors can help maintain a healthy brain.

Being Over Weight and Diet:

Alzheimer's Risk
Alzheimer’s Risk

Every one knows that being obese is bad for you, however,regarding memory that negative impact can be fatal.  In regards to memory preservation,  a diet high in sugars is not brain-friendly.  The touted Mediterranean diet, has been shown to lower your risk by Fifty Percent or more.  Work towards a healthy weight and diet.  furthermore, keep the weight off.

Elevated amounts of the substance: Homocysteine

 Homocysteine is a particulate type of amino acid.  It is formed while individuals digestive track is breaking down proteins. HOMOCYSTEINE, is often  found in Men and Women that are eating red meats,  The research has shown a link between inflammation and future cognitive decline.  Reduce your odds by cutting down on red meats Eat more fruits,vegetables as well as grains.  These have been shone to reduce levels of homocysteine in the blood stream.

 Diabetes has an impact

Diabetes will alter the and blood flow in the bod as well as the brain. A just released study indicates that maybe Alzheimer’s  can result from insulin resistance in the individual brain cells.,  This can cause a  build up of toxic proteins that will kill the individual brain cells.   If your one of the 30,000,000 Citizens afflicted with type 2 diabetes, you must be aware of what you can do tostear clear of many diabetes complications.

Lower levels of education

Use it or lose it.  The Brain needs exercise like every other muscle in the body.  If you don’t use it, it’s power will diminish.  But unlike ones Biceps, which might grow and shrink based on you work out, if  lose brain power there is a good chance that it is lost for ever.  No second chances with Alzheimer;s.   In the United States, a higher level of education seems to correlate with a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Keeping you brain stimulated with things like puzzles, social clubs as well as taking a class whas been shown to help greatly

Carotid artery disease

In the event that plaque is building up in your carotid arteries, you need to be concerned.   The Carotid Arteries are located on both sides of ones neck.  If the are clogged or restricted,  the blood has a difficult time flowing to ones Brian.   Blocked blood flow doesn’t need to be explained.  Lack of blood can and will destroy vital brain cells.  Diet, exercise and Medication will help.  Using a smart pill box to hold your daily pills can keep cholesterol as well as blood pressure under control.

High blood pressure

he same way carotid artery disease cause damage, , high blood pressure may cause the same effect, blockage of the proper blood flow to one’s brain.  Keep you Blood Pressure Monitored.  If you have high blood pressure, change you diet and exercise program.  Medication can be very helpful.  Pills in a smart pill holder will help keep this condition in check  More than  70 million U.S. Citizens have hypertension, .  That being said, less than 50% are doing anything about it. 10 great natural foods to reduce BP).


How bad is smoking habit, for you?  Worse than you can imagine.  Smoking causes damage to the tiny blood vessels that may have the identical plaque buildup.  Stop Smoking NOW!


Many researchers has reported that depression leads to a increased chance of developing Alzheimer’s as well as dementia,   The reason why, it’s a mystery.   The cause might be that social isolation that is common in depression, can result in ones brain becoming lazy and unchallenged. Many say that the depression symptoms, can increase Alzheimer’s risk.


Scientist have no clue as to as why Alzheimer’s and frailty seem to comm form a common cause.  Many Doctors believe that frailty is just a obvious physical symptom of Alzheimer’s as well as dementia.   How to solve the problem?  It could be as  simple changing your diet as well as implementing a exercise program   It is important to note that frailty could be an indication of other medical pill box

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