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Alzheimer's pill alarm

Alzheimer’s pill alarm to the rescue

Alzheimer’s pill alarm to the Rescue

Alzheimer’s pill alarm solves stress and a loss of a sense of well-being.


PHOENIX, AZ .    Forgetting medication leads to worsening of existing conditions.  Alzheimer’s forgetting medication can not be solved with an old fashion pill box.  AnAn Alzheimer’s pill alarm was needed for Alzheimer’s forgetting medication and the suffering it will cause.

Caring .com warns, ” Because forgetting medication is a classic alzheimer's pill alarmearly symptom of dementia, it’s important to treat them as a warning sign to begin monitoring the person’s medication use.”     They recommend the Alzheimer’s sufferers use  to a day-of-the-week pill dispenser. People in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia find them to be vital.   Some  Pill Boxes are also a pill alarm clock. These medication alarm clocks are designed to eliminate mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication.  The MED-Q Pill Dispenser is a pill reminder that is a 21 st century Pill organizer alarm.  Watch the Youtube video and see how this pill dispenser works.

Alzheimer’s sufferers rave about MED-Q Pill Box with Alarm

Alzheimer’s Pill Alarm is a great tool for caregivers.

 They say the triple alarm pill reminder makes Alzheimer’s forgetting medication a thing of the past.  The caregiver simply programs the MED-Q pill reminder and it does the rest.  Alzheimer’s forgetting medication will be reminded with a flashing LED-LITE in the compartment holding only the pills that need to be taken.  An audio alarm will also sound.  The alarm gets louder and louder so it can be heard throughout the house. Alzheimer’s forgetting medication has been solved.

Why Forgetting Medication happens

Alzheimer’s forgetting medication happens because their memory is impaired.     The Alzheimer’s Pill alarm will help them take their medication, skip doses and forget that they already took their pills  taken and taken  again and again.  The condition will usually get worse over time as reported in Alzheimer’s forums.  Alzheimer’s forgetting medication will cause problems.    A medication Reminder like the MED-Q Pill dispenser is the first line of defense for good health..

Sam DeMar

MED-Q Pill Dispenser

Alzheimers pill alarm


Alzheimer's pill alarm
Alzheimer’s pill alarm