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Smart Pill dispenser is the Answer

Smart Pill Dispenser the Solution to Med mistakes

Smart Pill Dispenser for Mom prevents med errors

Smart pill dispenserMedication mistakes are no Laughing Matter. Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication can lead to lose of Independence or even worse.  For elderly people, medications can be a lifeline to good health…or a disaster waiting to happen. When Seniors skipp dose, or double and triple dose, the medication is not going to work to the best degree.  Even, worse, it can cause health issues and even death.

Medication problems are widespread. According to the Department of Health and Human Services:

  • Approximately 200,000 older adults are hospitalized annually due to adverse drug reactions

A Smart Pill dispenser is needed for Memory Loss

Smart pill dispenserElders who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease  forget to take their medications.   The opposite is also true: if they can’t remember whether they took their medication, they might take it again, causing overdose.  These medication errors are the number 3 cause of premature death behind cancer and hear disease.

Smart Pill box Solution:

  • Use a Smart Pill dispenser. There are many types of pill dispensers.  There are even smart pill dispensers that call a loved ones if the pills have not been taken.  If the smart pill dispenser works well for the Alzheimer’s suffer, phone calls are not needed.
medq Smart pill dispenser
medq Smart pill dispenser


MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser  “Mom” success story.

MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser is the quick and easy answer.   My Grandma wasn’t taking her pills everyday.  Some times she would take 3 or 4 days worth one time.  She ended up in the ER from taking four days worth of pills in one dose.   Even though the family would keep calling her to remind her , she still ended up in the ER. best Smart Pill dispenser with alarms

She told all of us that she could take care of herself.   Boy, that was wrong.  The ER nurse suggested We get her a Med-Q smart pill Dispenser.   It is an Smart Pillbox with flashing and beeping reminders.   Cost $60 dollars and has totally solved the problem.  MedQ Smart pillbox is the affordable, simple solution

There are many reasons why seniors don’t take their medications as prescribed. Here are some common causes of medication mistakes, and what to do about them.

You can watch the Youtube Video.  You will never look at a smart pill dispenser the same way.  You can prevent Mom forgetting Pills or dad forgetting medication with the MedQMed-Q SMART PILL BOX with alarm


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