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7 Day pill organizer

7 day pill organizer with removable daily pill boxes

7 Day Pill Organizer with removable Daily Pill boxes

Does Mom need a 7 day pill organizer to remember to take her prescription medication?

7 day pill organizer with removable daily pill boxes

companion careMany of the pills people will take will not work immediately.

 In today’s world, people want “instant effect and benefits. With medication, this is not always possible.  If you skip pills or miss dose, the benefits will not come.  Med-Q 7 day pill organizer greatly reduces the problem of medical non compliance.

Pointers for Remembering Your Pills

Are you ending up with more pills at the end of the month then you should be?   Med-Q 7 day pill organizer or some other brand of smart 7 day pill organizer can be a quick fix.  Below are some good tips: 

Use a 7  or 14 day pill organizer or a smart pill box. Once each  week, put your scripts in individual pill box  containers.  It may have 7 or 14 pill box compartments (1 for each day or 2 for twice each day) If it has a visual reminder , like flashing guides,  be sure to put it in plain site.  These pill boxes can have an alarm. By using up to date technology, you have know when it is time to take your pills and supplements. Make caring for yourself a habit. While you’re having breakfast, be sure to take your supplements.  You will know that you you are caring for your own body.

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  • Make it very convenient. Ever hear the expression, “Out of sight, out of mind?”   Everyone has and is guilty of that thought process. By placing the pills and supplements by my morning juice, it can’t help but remind my to take them.
  • Get help from family or friends
  • Other people can help one stay accountable.  Ask them to help you by gently reminding you to take them.  
  • Many methods can be used to ensure you take your pills. From a 7 day pill organizer to help from friend, just be sure to use one of them.

7 day pill organizer

7 day pill organizer

7 day pill organizer

 This is a question that is asked 100’s of thousand of times a day.

 The same applies to prescription  medication, herbal pills, vitamins as well as supplements.

 The fact of the matter is that people simply forget to take them when they ought to.  As you Mom gets older , the problem is going to get worse.  Seniors suffer from AIMMS (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  That is why your Mom is going to need a 7 day pill organizer that comes equipped with removable daily pill boxes.

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