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MED-Q 7 Day Pill Box with alarms for Seniors health

Med-Q 7 Day Pill Box with Triple Alarms


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Mom and Dad really need a smart 7 day Pill Box with Alarms

7 Day Pill Box with alarms

Every Senior ought to use a smart 7 day pill box.  With life expectancy growing every day, the medication that is being taken has a direct impact on your Loved One’s Quality of Life. Your Mom and dad may say that they are not forgetful.  They may say that they never miss-dose.  The facts say otherwise.  Medication errors are the #3 leading cause of preventable deaths in the Nation.  Let’s use you imagination.

 Imagine….Every morning a Boeing 747 airliner crashed with no survivors.  Then imagine the same thing happening in the afternoon.  This is the same number of preventable medication deaths each and every year.

MED-Q 7 day pill organizer with alarms a for the most up to date medical technology

7 Day Pill Box with alarmsMed-Q 7 day pill box with alarms  is a  for medication compliance.  The Med-Q Pill Organizer System  uses 3 separate types of alerts to remind people to take their pills and supplements at the right time..  A smart 7 day Pill organizer means the end of forgetting or overdosing on life-saving prescription pills.   This is the way that the Pill box works

7 Day Pill Box with alarms

Pill box reminder with alarm



At the times you have set the Pill Organizer

 Am/Pm 7 day pill Box reminds the user with three different, separate alarms.

The problem and the solution.  If seniors use some type of medication reminder it will help assure the best outcomes from the medication they are taking.  This will also have an impact on Mom or Dad’s ability to stay in their own homes and out of Assisted living.  Such as simple smart Pill box can have such a big impact on you loved one’s health and well being

  Med-Q 7 day Pill Box means no decisions to make.  Less decision means less chances of mistakes.

 See more about the Med-Q  7 day Pill Box @ Google+ Facebook  YouTube.

Auto pill dispenser with Locks
Auto pill dispenser with Locks
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