MED-Q Smart Medication Box to Avoid Medication Mistakes

Smart Medication Box is 1 of 5 Pointers to Avoid Medication Mistakes

Med-Q smart Medication box prevents mistakes,  This being said, Medication Mistakes are the #3 leading cause of Death.  Furthermore, it falls behind cancer (#1) and Heart Disease (#2).  Hence, avoiding medication mistakes is a smart thing to do.  Moreover, there are many different ways to lower your risk.  To sum up, a smart pill box or programmable automatic pill dispenser is just one simple solution.

This Article Focuses on these major Issues:

The #1  Issue, Know the Name of Your Prescription Medications

 Smart Pill medication box
Smart medication box to Lived One's rescue

Don't just let the your doctor write a prescription and send you on your merry way.  Every one ought to be sure to ask the what the name of the medication is. "This way you'll notice if the pharmacy gives you something different," says Cindi Fitzpatrick, BSN, a registered nurse and a consumer safety officer in FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.  She also recommend s that every time you get a refill, be certain to look at the medication before you leave the pharmacist's window.  

You should make sure they look the same as what you are refilling.  Is it the same color, size, shape, and texture? Is the packaging the same? If anything about the medication seems different, ask the pharmacist about it.

 Ask questions about how to use the medication. 

It is very vital that one choose a healthcare professional that you like. By the same token, feel comfortable with.  Hence, you can freely ask questions.   What are Some good questions that people should ask?   First of all, what should I do if I forget to take my pill?  Second of all, Should I take these pills before, during, or after meals?  Third of all, How long should I wait between doses? Forth, Finally, what are the possible side effects or negative reactions that I might?   Likewise, when to contact the doctor or pharmacist if I have negative side effects? Are there any other medications, food, or activities that I should avoid while using this medication?   Again,  should the pills be stored in the fridge or at regular  room temperature? smart pill box

Know what your medication is for. 

A typical example of medication mistakes that can be made.  Dr. S Setter is an associate professor of pharmacotherapy at WSU in Spokane.  He tells us about a patient who mistakenly thought her glaucoma pills was for treating migraines. In fact, she was taking her glaucoma prescription only if she was suffering with a headache.  The pills were to be taken every day to treat her eye disease.   Setter says. "It's important to understand your medication because you are more likely to use it correctly, more likely to know what to expect from the medication, and better able to report what you are using and problems to your doctors and pharmacist."  

Read all of the Medication labels and follow the directions precisely.

smart medication box with alarms
MED-Q is the Best smart medication box with alarms

 Before you take any prescriptions and supplement, people need to know when to take the pill, how many to take.  You also should know the reason  you need to take it for.  Be certain that you read the medication label each and every single time.If you were to wake up in the middle of the night.  You are still half asleep.  One might accidentally put ear drops into your eyes, causing damage.  Another example,  giving your older son's medicine to the new born. You must be careful about checking the medication bottle's label. "Use the measuring device that comes with the medicine," suggests Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms.  If you don't have a measuring  device,  ask for one at the pharmacy.   Be sure to read the patient medication information that comes attached to your prescription. 

5. Keep all of your health care providers informed about your medications and dietary supplements (including vitamins and herbals).

The goal is to show your list of prescriptions to all of your personal health care professionals.  You ought to do this at every single visit to the Doc, the pharmacist and even if there is a trip to the hospital.  Be sure the list has all your prescription medications, Over-the-Counter drugs (OTC) as well as different dietary supplements.  These will include   vitamins as well as supplements.  Moreover, one needs to keep Doctors up to date about everything  Consequently, these will help reduce the chances of a negative medication medication box with alarms

Again, individuals keep their health care professionals informed  with "My Medicine Record,".  This is a  chart t that was  developed by Food and Dur Administratipon (FDA).  Many are saying to the patients to do a "brown bag checkup."  What this means is that you put all of your own prescription and OTC pills into a paper bag.  Next, bring  the brown bag to the doctor's office.  Have  them checked by your health care professional.  Furthermore, put  dietary pills as well as herbals in to the bag also. "This should be done every year and preferably more often," says Douglas Paauw, M.D., professor of medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle. "Some of my patients do it at every visit."smart medication box

Always be sure to  Keep the list of your medications with you

Always keep a list of your medications and dietary supplements with you.  Put the list in your purse or wallet,. In addition, keep a current copy in your own home. Give a copy to a  family member or friend.  By the same token., let them know where have the dat in the home.  In an emergency, that person will be able to inform your doctors of the medications and dietary supplements you use.

#5 Computerized Medication Box

Most people are familiar with the Old Fashion Medication box.  These are a pill organizer that places the meds into a day of the week compartment.  This is nothing more than a pill organizer. A modern medication box with Flashing Guides and Beeping Alarms has hit the market.

The Med-Q Smart medication with Box is an example of the new technology.  The Smart Pill box with alarms has triple alarms  The first alarm is a blasting audio alert. The alert keeps getting louder and louder until the medication has been taken. The Med-Q Auto Pill dispenser uses Flashing LED LITE-BOX Technology.  What this means is that at your programmed pill time, the smart pill box will start to "FLASH" the compartment holding the doses that need to be taken. With the "No Decision Means N Mistakes", motto, the Med-Q smart medication box reminder alarms can virtually eliminate forgetting and pill box reminder

Med-Q Medication Box With Alarms Summary

We are living in the golden age of medicine. Techonlogy such as an smart medication box reminder alarms keeps people alive.  The miracle of modern Medicines cure once fatal infectious diseases, prevent the problems that arise out of chronic diseases.  They will ease pain and improve Quality of Life.  This being said, prescriptions can also lead to  negative reactions if taken in the wrong doses and at the wrong times.  Mistakes can even occur at the hospital, doctor's office, pharmacy or even in your own House. You can help prevent errors by

  • Know what is in the smart medication box reminder alarms.   First, have a written list of the names of your meds.  Also,  the dose as well as the dose frequency.  Likewise be sure to include all of the Over the Counter vitamins.  In addition, supplements and herbs. Be sure to have the accurate list to all  medical appointments.
  • Be smart, Be sure to read medicine labels and totally follow the directions  One Hundered Percent.  Of course, never,every try to take someone else's pills.
  • Taking a lot of  care when handing out prescriptions to kids.
  • Asking  these questions.




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