May 8, 2016 smart pillbox with alarms

Medication timer For Alzheimer’s

Medication timer for Alzheimer’s  Sufferers

programmable pill dispenser with alarmA Medication timer for Seniors need help to manage their medication.  Mistakes of all kinds leads to over 100’s of thousand deaths per year.  The cost in dollars and human suffering is incalculable.  Med-Q Smart Pill Box is the simple, reliable, solution to the problem.  The Improvement in Independence and Quality of Life is immeasurable.

How does the MED-Q Medication Timer work?  

At the programmed time the medication timer will start beeping.  The individual compartment holding that times dose will start to flash.  This will continue for 5 minutes. The Medication Timer will repeat this 5 minute cycle every thirty minutes until the medication has been taken.

He’s back in the ER again from not taking his Med’s right”  Hospital Nurses Inspired the MED-Q MedicationTimer with Audio  Alerts and Visual guides to solve Senior’s everyday challenges.

MED-Q Smart pill reminder is a Winning design

The need for a Alzheimer’s Pill alarm not just an old fashion pill box  was obvious to Hospital RN’s.    We started with  Nurses knowledge, and many different prototypes and user studies.  The problems and “bottleNecks” were removed and replaced with 21st century technology.  The MED-Q Smart Pill box with Alarms was eventually perfected.  The use of LED LITE-BOX Technology with Triple Alarms made it possible.  

We feel we met our goal with the MED-Q Medication box.

 No more worries about Mom forgetting pills.  No more stressing over dad Forgetting Medication MED-Q Pill clock is the user friendly medication tool that can virtually eliminate mistakes.medication timer


Medication Timer With Bright Flashing Visual Alert and Guide

MED-Q Medication Timer is your Loved One’s Medication Safety Belt.  MED-Q PillBox  keeps them Self-Reliant with 21st Century Technology.   At the medication taking time, the LED will light up ONLY the individual Alzheimer’s pill alarm’s compartment holding ONLY the pills that needs to be taken.   The individual box will flash on and off for 5 minutes and will repeat every 30 minutes until the medication is taken.    MED-Q Medication Timer LITE-BOX guides the user to the right pill compartment at the right time for mistake free dosing.

smart pill box reminderelectronic pill box with alarm

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