Pill Reminder with Alarms

AARP Recommends a 14 Day Pill Reminder with Alarms

AARP Recommends a 14 Day Pill Reminder with Alarms

AARP Recommends a 14 Day Pill Reminder with Alarms

14 Day Pill Reminder with AlarmsAARP bulletin reaches 37 million readers. Med-Q Automatic 14 day pill reminder with alarms. Med-Q 14 day pill reminder with alarm is the first pill reminder that uses LITE-BOX Technology. This means that seniors stay independent at home.

Coverage of Med-Q  Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms

Some of the text about Med-Q can be found by Googling automatic pill dispensers with alarms and medicine reminders.  The fact of the matter is that AARP Recommends a 14 Day Pill Reminder with Alarms.

Med-Q 7 or 14 Day Automatic Pill Reminder with Alarms

14 Day Pill Reminder with Alarms
MED-Q 14 Day Pill Reminder with Alarms

Who uses it: Laura Reeves’ father-in-law, who has Alzheimer’s disease, takes 18 pills a day. He had been skipping some doses or popping too many. “We didn’t want to take his independence away but had to protect him,” says Reeves, who moved with her husband from Portland, Ore., to Green Forest, Ark., to be near his parents. Skipping doses or taking too many pills, at the wrong time or not at all, has serious consequences. Many older people need multiple medications multiple times a day; a memory issue compounds the task.

Howa  to Prevent Medical Non-Compliance

14 Day Pill Reminder with Alarms

A digital pill dispenser often will appear the same as an old fashion 7 day pill box.  There are differences between the dumb pill boxes your Grandma  and the Cutting edge design of the most modern medication dispensers. There are 14 day pill dispensers with alarms that will stay locked until it’s time for medication.  It will only unlock at medication time.

How it works: The user or their personal caregiver  will fill the Med-Q’s individual pill compartments.  They are labeled with each day of the week. The user or their healthcare professional will program the times that the user needs to take their pills.  For example, lets say 8 in the morning and 9 at night.  At 8 AM the smart pill reminder will sound an alarm.  The alarm will get louder and louder for a full five minutes.  At the same time the LITE-BOX feature will kick in. This is when ONLY the compartment holding that times pills will start to flash. This will guide the user to the exact correct pills.  No decisions means no mistakesPill Reminder with Alarms

With the automatic dispenser  with alarms uses flashing lights  and beeping when it’s pill time.

The goal, to make mistakes virtually disappear  The Med-Q Medication dispenser has helped Reeves’ mother-in-law to be able to take her medications on time, and her  health has improved dramatically.pillboxsmart medication organizer with alarm

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