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Med-Q 14 day pill box with alarms

Why did we develop Med-Q 14 day pill box with alarms?

Medication DispenserWe began working on Med-Q 14 day pill box with alarms to help our family and friends who struggle with taking their pills. They are trying to stay healthy. Once we realized how widespread the problems of medication mis-management are, we developed Med-Q 14 day pill box with alarms to be an affordable problem solver for everyone.

People struggle with tracking their medications and supplements.

Millions of people take multiple pills each day and over 35 Percent make regular mistakes with their prescription medications.  These avoidable problems steal way our Loved One’s health and cost the healthcare system over 250 Billion dollars every year. 

Med-Q 7 day pill organizer  is the one and only home medication reminder that uses LED LITE-BOX Technology.  . The Med-Q device automates sorting and dispensing of pills. A companion mobile application notifies you when it’s time to take your medications and keeps track of everything.

Med-Q 14 day pill box with alarms is new technology.

Medication DispenserMed-Q 7 or Med-Q 14 day pill box with alarms is a smart pill dispenser that holds, dispenses, and reminds you when it’s time to take your pills. It helps manages pills for you and your loved ones.

Who is Med-Q Medication Dispenser for?

If you are  taking any kind of  medications or supplements, Med-Q Medication Dispenser is right for you.   and wants to be more organized and not worry. We purposely designed Med-Q to be simple to operate for anyone.  We have taken in to account Hearing and Visually impaired users.

The Best Pill Box with reminders for Seniors

What is the best 7 day Pill Box for Seniors?

The Best Pill Box for Seniors or the right Pill Organizer & Reminder System is crucial for aging seniors.  Most seniors will have to deal with AIMM’s ( Age Induced Medication Mistakes)   The best pill reminder range from  the Simple To  the most complex.    The Best Pill box  for seniors will provides protection for Loved One’s.  read some of the testimonials below and see how the best pill box for seniors can mean the difference between life and death.  Flashing Guides & Blasting Alarms is like having a  LIVE-IN NURSE at medication time.  A Caregiver’s best Friend .Medication box with Alarms


Assisted Living Costs

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America’s Best Pill Box For Seniors

Why is Med-Q #1?.  The top two features that care givers truly love:

  1. Flashing Led LITE-BOX Technology.  This amazingly flashing guides ends medication non-compliance.  No more forgetting.  No more over dosing.  Med-Q remembers so you don’t have to.
  2. Blasting alarms will repeat every 25 minutes until the pills have been taken and the next alert has been activated.  Miss a pill?  no worries, your med-q will do it’s job every thirty minutes.

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Caregivers need help

The Best Pill box for Seniors is also great for Caregivers

A caregiver needs the most modern, up to date, tools to do their job.  The amount of stress, worrying as well as wondering about your loved ones can be overwhelming.  The caregiver’s work can can be reduced with the help of a pill organizer with alarms.   Caregiver’s need to  be sure to take care of them selves, You are no good to any one if you don’t take care of your self first.

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Pain killersHiring live-in care can be cost effective

Hiring live-in care is a cost effective option for many people.  But before you consider hiring  a caregiver, try using the best pill box for seniors.  You will not have to worry if they call in sick as well as  show up late.  Sometimes they will leave early.  If the loved one is beyond the help of a pill dispenser, check with your insurance to see if the Loved One qualifies for services. 

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med-q pillbox user

med-q pill box users

med-q pill box users


Electronic Pill Box for Grandma

Electronic Pill Box for Grandma Keeps Her Independent

You Can prevent a physical as well as financial crisis

Med-Q Electronic Pill Box for Grandma is the first step in eliminating medication mistakes.

Electronic Pill Box HHS Study

electronic Pill Box The Cutting edge, Electronic Pill Box is Grandma’s Reliable answer to overdosing & forgetting  prescription medications problem.  Ask your health care professional about the importance of an electronic pill box.  This pill box attempt to improve on the  existing pill boxes or pill organizers that are now available.The rate of medication errors dropped with the use of  an electronic pill box. We report on the design of the Med-Q, and on the results of a study done.  

 See what a Smart programmable pill box can do to help your Grandma or Grandpa.

 MED-Q was  deigned with the expertise of different Hospital Registered nurses .  Their goal was to create a new type of pill holder that would be successful in  stopping the shocking consequences of prescription medication mistakes.  Read about , one more MED-Q Smart programmable Pill Box success story.

Cleveland OH)  Carla N.   My Grandpa passed away about 6 months ago.  We have been having problems with Grandma taking her pills.  Grandpa use to lay them out for her each morning and made sure she took them.  Now that Grandpa is gone, she is having real problems.

An Electronic Pill Box Reminder is Essential to Your Health 

Why is a Electronic PillBox so Important.  We are living in the golden age of medicine.  Modern medicine  enhance both the quality and length of our lives.  Illnesses that were once a death sentence are now manageable or even curable.  With the modern prescription medications in use today keeps people alive.  Medication can be used to to control blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol levels and even your own personal heart beat rate. 

This being said,  medications are both a good and evil at the same time.  If prescribed and managed as directed by your health care professional and taken properly they will work. If you do not take them in the correct dose at the correct time they are not nearly as effective and can even result in hospitalization or in the worse case, death. This is why having the Med-Q electronic Pill Box with alarms is so very important to your loved one’s health. 

A Programmable Pill box with alarms is more than a little nudge to take the pills at the proper time.

The pill box will use flashing guides to show you which pills to take.  It will not tell you if  it needs to be taken with food or water or even an empty stomach? You ought to be aware if one must try to stay away from certain foodstuff or beverage.  A good example is that many medications require that you avoid drinking grapefruit juice because of it’s acidic content.  This can effect the pills when they are in you stomach. Other medication can not be taken while drinking alcohol.  Some work better if you take them before you go to bed, and so on. Your medication reminder system must include this information.

Modern Medication and Supplement Reminder Systems

As the number of pills you take  grow, you should use a smart pill box reminder to replace your memory. A simple system such as using a pill organizer may work for you if you can remember to take your pills.  This being said, you need to fill your 7-day organizer every week.   There are other medication management systems that can hold 31 days worth of pills.  However, adding technology means that electronic pill box with alarms can get expensive and complicated depending on how many bells and whistles they are equipped with.

We were using Drug Store DUMB Pillbox 

 It cost less than 10 dollars. It didn’t work at all.  The problem with these pill boxes is that they  have no way of reminding or showing which pills to take.  Grandma didn’t have a active social life and hadn’t been working for over 20 years.  She would lose track of the day of the week.  No one even thinks about that seniors have a hard time tracking week days because they don’t work.  She was talking 2 or 3 days worth of pills in the same day.  She didn’t realize she had taken them twice before.

electronic Pill Box

electronic Pill Box

electronic Pill Box

Enter the MED-Q Electronic Pill Box with alarms

MED-Q Medication Box with triple Alarms .  Carla ordered her Grandma a MED-Q programmable Pill box with alarm,  The problem has disappeared overnight.   Grandma is was taking 7 pills at 3 vitamins every day. Before, I have to call her two or three time per day to make sure she was taking her pills.

 The Electronic pill box with it flashing alarms and beeping reminders has real fixed it.

 Even if she missed the time, the pill reminder will repeat is pill organizer alarms every thirty minutes until Grandma takes her meds.   The flashing and beeping, electronic pill box with alarms has been great.  

med-q pillbox user

med-q pill box uesr


Mom Forgetting Pills can be solved with the MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser

Med-Q Pill Box with Alarm Reminder

Mom Forgetting Pills The Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser is for prevent Mom forgetting pills or over-dosing.

 Med-Q’s Medication Boxes triple alarms is the type of pill clock to prevent, Mom Forgetting Pills“.  Mom needs to remember to take her prescription medication.  There will be a time when you will have to research home Health care to aid her.  The process should be done before you are in crisis situation.  This way you can make the best decisions for Mom and for the rest of the family.  If Dad forgetting medication has become a problem you will have to do double work.

Mom Forgetting Pills leads to Home Healthcare

Mom forgetting pillsMom forgetting pills will get worse as she ages.  Most seniors suffer from “AIMM’s” (Age Induce Medication Mistakes ) services that can be given in your home for an sickness. Home health care is usually cost less. is easier on the patient and usually provides the same results as a Hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF).

 Respite care for people caring for loved ones is a big decision.  If mom forgetting pills has become a life threatening issue, it is time to act.   Unfortunately, if a good programmable pill box or pill dispenser isn’t working it is time to make some hard decisions.  There are several choices.

Pill Box for Alzheimer's

Does Insurance Pay to Prevent Mom Forgetting Pills?

  • Doctor’s orders are always needed to begin. A  home health agency will schedule an appointment and come to your home to talk to you about your needs and ask you some general questions about health and medication.
  • They should will also talk to your doctor about your care
  • It’s important that home health staff follow doctors orders.

Examples of what the home health staff should do include:

  • Monitor eating and drinking.
  • Check your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing.
  • If mom Forgetting pills is a problem they will make sure you are not forgetting pills or overdosing medication.
  • Keep Smart Pill Box Full
  • Teach you about your care so you can take care of yourself.
  • Communicate with  the doctor if mom forgetting pills has gotten worse.
  • Set their Medication Box or Pill clock

pill reminder for Allzheimer's

Examples of skilled home health :

Home health care is designed for Mom forgetting pills to not be a problem. Mom can regain her independence, and become more self-sufficient .  Medicare may cover home health benefits. If your doctor authorizes home health care, you should ask for  a list of local  a home care pill box with alalrm

buy nowMed-Q Automatic Pill dispenser to prevent mom forgetting pills and supplements.
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best automatic pill dispenser


How big is the Forgetting Problem?

The most recent Studies have  shown that as much as 75% of us  take medications and about 60% of People also are taking take vitamins and supplements.

If you think you are the only one who struggles with managing all these medications, know that you are not alone. Researchers have found that about 40% of us don’t stick to our medication regimens!

Every one knows how easy it is to forget about taking your prescriptions leaving for work or running off to do errand. However, if one were to add up these errors add up over time you will see how you are jeopardize your health. Scientists have discovered that the more you forget to take your pills, the more likely you are to be hospitalized

Sponsored By Med-Q Medication Compliance Systemelectronic pill dispenser with alarms

We developed Med-Q to help. We don’t want loved ones, and their health care professionals to have to worry  and wonder ever again.  Now you know if  you took your medications. We want you to stay healthy and not waste your hard earned income on large hospital bills!

Pill Holder Design

7 day pill boxHow the Pill Holder Works

Med-Q uses a cutting edge, proprietary, and patent-pending design to ensure medication compliance.

The Med-Q Electronic Pillbox was designed to be able to hold and dispense any and all FDA-approved pills.

Each type of pill is sorted into its own, individual pill box compartment. This will allow you to always be able to manually access your pills. Med-Q Automatic pill Dispenser with alarms is the best Medication Dispenser for Seniors keep track of which reservoir has each type of pill.

MedQ Smart Pill Box Prevents Medication Errors

Smart Pill Box stops the one missed Pill Crisis

Us health and Human servicesWhy is a Smart Pill Box so important?  It only takes one  Missed Pill or one Double/Triple Dose and the results can be CATASTROPHIC.  If one mistake can cause that type of problem, imagine what many, many, many  mistakes over a long period of time will cause?

What are the costs of not using a smart pillbox? Imagine if you will, two fully loaded 747 jumbo Jets crashing every day.  Now imagine that there were no survivors.  That is how many people die each and every day form medication errors.  Using a smart pillbox with alarms or some type of pill organizer that also reminds is crucial.

MedQ Smart Pill Box keeps Accidents from happening to you

Smart Pillboxsenior fearsWe are living in the Golden Age of Medicine.  Illnesses that were once  a death sentence are now curable.  The Quality of Life that our Seniors can have is unprecedented.  A smart pill dispenser is a key to managing the aging process to ensure the best Life style.  One can see the tragic consequences of medication errors.  The days of thinking, “OPPSSS, I missed a pill” are gone.  The medication is too important and not taking it is even more important.  Med-Q Smart Pill Box was designed for this exact reason.

No more worrying about Mom forgetting pills.  No more stress over Dad Forgetting Medication with the Peace of Mind that you are doing the best for Loved Ones.

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smart PillboxEvery single Dose.Every single Day.  Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm is to aid in supporting medication adherence among all Individuals.  The goal is to improve the health outcomes and improve Quality and Longevity of Life.

Smart PillBox with AlarmsThe goal of your Health Care Professional is to provide help with solving different patient’s problems.  Again, the goal is to raise the patient’s adherence to their prescription medication regimen.

smart Pill box with alarmsOther options may include  Smart Medication Reminders for the Tech-Savvy Person taking prescriptions.  Not Forgetting to take the right pills at the correct time is simple with cell phone apps.


All Being said and done, MedQ Smart Pill Box Prevents Medication Errors